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Anschuetz, Lukas; Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Eliçin, Olgun; Bojaxhiu, Beat; Caversaccio, Marco; Giger, Roland (2016). Pectoralis major myofascial interposition flap prevents postoperative pharyngocutaneous fistula in salvage total laryngectomy. European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology, 273(11), pp. 3943-3949. Springer 10.1007/s00405-016-4049-7

Merki, Verena Lina; Pichler, Juliane; Giger, Roland; Mantokoudis, Georgios (2016). Chylothorax in thyroid surgery: a very rare case and systematic review of the literature. Journal of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 45(1), p. 52. BioMed Central 10.1186/s40463-016-0166-y

Eliçin, Olgun; Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Dal Pra, Alan; Bojaxhiu, Beat; Caversaccio, Marco; Schmücking, Michael; Aebersold, Daniel; Giger, Roland (2016). Up-front neck dissection followed by definitive (chemo)-radiotherapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: Rationale, complications, toxicity rates, and oncological outcomes - A systematic review. Radiotherapy and oncology, 119(2), pp. 185-193. Elsevier 10.1016/j.radonc.2016.03.003

Eliçin, Olgun; Albrecht, Tobias; Haynes, Alan G; Bojaxhiu, Beat; Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Caversaccio, Marco; Dal Pra, Alan; Schmücking, Michael; Aebersold, Daniel; Giger, Roland (2016). Outcomes in Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Treated with Up-front Neck Dissection prior to (Chemo)Radiotherapy. Otolaryngology - head and neck surgery, 154(2), pp. 300-308. Sage 10.1177/0194599815608370

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Eliçin, Olgun; Schmücking, Michael; Brömme, Jens; Rauch, Daniel; Ambarcioglu, Pinar; Plasswilm, Ludwig; Geretschläger, Andreas; Ghadjar, Pirus; Giger, Roland; Aebersold, Daniel (2016). Volumetric regression ratio of the primary tumor and metastatic lymph nodes after induction chemotherapy predicts overall survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective analysis. JBUON, 21(1), pp. 175-181. Imprimatur Publications


Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Salmina, Cinzia; Dettmer, Matthias Stephan; Arnold, Andreas; Aebersold, Daniel; Borner, Urs; Giger, Roland (2015). Implications of intraglandular lymph node metastases in primary carcinomas of the parotid gland. The Laryngoscope, 125(9), pp. 2099-2106. Wiley 10.1002/lary.25342

Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Aebersold, Daniel; Giger, Roland; Caversaccio, Marco; Borner, Urs; Medova, Michaela; Zimmer, Yitzhak (2015). Profiling invasiveness in head and neck cancer: recent contributions of genomic and transcriptomic approaches. Cancers, 7(2), pp. 585-597. MDPI AG 10.3390/cancers7020585

Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Landis, Basile Nicolas; Salmina, Cinzia; Ailianou, Angeliki; Karamitopoulou, Evanthia; Giger, Roland (2015). Warthin's tumor of the larynx: a very rare case and systematic review of the literature. Journal of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 44(16), p. 16. BioMed Central 10.1186/s40463-015-0067-5


Nisa Hernandez, Lluis; Aebersold, Daniel; Giger, Roland; Zimmer, Yitzhak; Medova, Michaela (2014). Biological, diagnostic and therapeutic relevance of the MET receptor signaling in head and neck cancer. Pharmacology & therapeutics, 143(3), pp. 337-349. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pharmthera.2014.04.005

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Nisa, Lluís; Landis, Basile Nicolas; Giger, Roland; Leuchter, Igor (2013). Pharyngolaryngeal involvement by varicella-zoster virus. Journal of voice, 27(5), pp. 636-641. Mosby 10.1016/j.jvoice.2013.02.011

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Nisa, Lluis; Khanfir, Kaouthar; Giger, Roland (2013). Recurrence due to neoplastic seeding in head and neck cancer: report of two cases and review of the literature. Tumori, 99(4), e144-e147. Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore 10.1700/1361.15112

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Giger, Roland; Landis, Basile Nicolas (2012). Tumorrezidiv-Chirurgie von Plattenepithelkarzinomen im Kopf-Hals- Bereich – Teil 2: Organspezifische Rezidivchirurgie. Forum Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenheilkunde, 14(1), pp. 12-20. OmniMed-Verlagsgesellschaft

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