Huber, Irmtraud

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Huber, Irmtraud (2016). Present Tense Narration in Contemporary English. London: Palgrave Macmillan


Huber, Irmtraud (27 September 2015). Of missing fathers and Big Fish: reconstructive tendencies after postmodernism (Unpublished). In: ASAP/7: Arts & the Public. Greenville, SC. 24.-27.09.2015.

Huber, Irmtraud (9 June 2015). “But look: we have sat here too long”: Hilary Mantel’s tightrope walk of present-tense usage (Unpublished). In: Privileging the Unseen. Manchester. 09.06.2015.


Huber, Irmtraud (2014). Literature after Postmodernism: Reconstructive Fantasies. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Huber, Irmtraud (July 2014). Timely Tenses: Considering Present Tense Narration (Unpublished). In: What Happens Now? Literature in the 21st Century. Lincoln. 14.-17.07.2014.

Huber, Irmtraud (April 2014). On the Limits of Greenwich Mean Time, or The Failure of a Modernist Revolution (Unpublished). In: Annual Conference of the British Society for Literature and Science: (BSLS). Guildford. 10.-12.04.2014.

Huber, Irmtraud (March 2014). Unnatural Narration beyond Postmodernist Alterities (Unpublished). In: International Conference on Narrative. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.. 27. -29.03.2014.

Huber, Irmtraud (2014). Greenwich-Meridian (Submitted). In: Schrott, Raoul; Lubrich, Oliver; Toggweiler, Michael (eds.) KulturTransfer. Hanser


Huber, Irmtraud (2013). The Usual Suspects: Jewish Magical Realism, Trauma and the Holocaust. Symbolism, 12/13, pp. 210-230. AMS Press

Huber, Irmtraud (2013). Rezension zu: Wolfgang Funk und Lucia Krämer, eds. Fiktionen von Wirklichkeit: Authentizität zwischen Materialität und Konstruktion. Anglistik - International Journal of English Studies, 24(1), pp. 221-223. Winter

Huber, Irmtraud (2013). Wissenschaft als Beruf? Das Paradox des heutigen Wissenschaftsverständnisses. Bulletin der Vereinigung der Schweizerischen Hochschuldozierenden, 39(3/4), pp. 35-37. Vereinigung der Schweizerischen Hochschuldozierenden

Huber, Irmtraud (2013). Reconstructive Dreams: A Pragmatic Fantastic After Postmodernism (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Universität Bern, Institut für Englische Sprachen und Literaturen)


Huber, Irmtraud (2012). A Quest for Authenticity: Jonathan Safran Foer's. Everything is illuminated. In: Straub, Julia (ed.) Paradoxes of Authenticity. Studies on a Critical Concept. Cultural and media studies (pp. 115-133). Bielefeld: Transcript

Funk, Wolfgang; Gross, Florian; Huber, Irmtraud (eds.) (2012). The Aesthetics of Authenticity. Medial Constructions of the Real. Cultural and media studies. Bielefeld: Transcript

Funk, Wolfgang; Gross, Florian; Huber, Irmtraud (2012). Exploring the Empty Plinth. The Aesthetics of Authenticity. In: Funk, Wolfgang; Gross, Florian; Huber, Irmtraud (eds.) The Aesthetics of Authenticity. Medial Constructions of the Real. Cultural and media studies (pp. 9-21). Bielefeld: Transcript

Huber, Irmtraud; Seita, Sophie (2012). Authentic Simulacra or the Aura of Repetition. Experiencing Authenticity in Tom McCarthy's Remainder. In: Funk, Wolfgang; Gross, Florian; Huber, Irmtraud (eds.) The Aesthetics of Authenticity. Medial Constructions of the Real. Cultural and media studies (pp. 261-280). Bielefeld: Transcript

Huber, Irmtraud (2012). Phantastische Flucht ins Historische: Michael Chabons Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay als rekonstruktive Antwort auf die Postmoderne. In: Birnstiel, Klaus; Schilling, Erik (eds.) Literatur und Theorie seit der Postmoderne (pp. 187-197). Stuttgart: Hirzel Verlag

Huber, Irmtraud (2012). Nomadic Truths: Fantastic Fictions Beyond Postmodernism (Unpublished). In: Graduate-Forum HGGS. Heidelberg, Germany. 1.-2.6.2012.

Huber, Irmtraud (2012). Reconstructive Dreams - The Fantastic in David Mitchell's number9dream, What happens now? (Unpublished). In: 21st Century Writing in English. Lincoln, UK. 16.-18.7.2012.

Huber, Irmtraud (2012). A Literature of Reconstruction? or, are we really Po-Pomo? (Unpublished). In: 11th Conference of the European Society for the Study of English. Istanbul, Turkey. 4.-8.9.2012.

Huber, Irmtraud (2012). Beyond Subversion - Rethinking the Fantastic after Postmodernism (Unpublished). In: The Basic Categories of Fantastic Literature Revisited. Lodz, Poland. 21.-23.10.2012.


Huber, Irmtraud (2010). Ethical Magic: Traumatic Magic Realism in Toni Morrison's Beloved. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, 58(4), pp. 367-379. Köln: De Gruyter

Huber, Irmtraud (2010). Wahre Fantastik und fiktive Realität - komplexe Erzählstrukturen und Fantastik im zeitgenössischen anglophonen Roman, Interdisziplinäres Erzählen - Strategien des Narrativen in Wort, Text und Bild, Berne, 28.-29.5.2010.

Huber, Irmtraud (2010). Fatal Authenticity - Tom McCarthy's Remainder and the Cult of Repetition, Aesthetics of Authenticity, Representations of Self and Other in Literature and Culture, Hanover, Germany, 5.11.2010.


Huber, Irmtraud (2009). I'm sick to death of this particular self. I want another. - Multiple Identity in Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" (Swiss Association of University Teachers of English Conference, Performing the Self: the Construction of Pre-Modern and Modern Identities in Language and Literature, Fribourg, Switzerland, 8.-9.5.2009.

Huber, Irmtraud (2009). Ethic Magic: The Ethic potential of Magic Realism, ASNEL-Conference, Postcolonial Translocations, Münster, Germany, 21.-24.5.2009.

Huber, Irmtraud (2009). Mythic Self-De(con)struction - Angela Carter's The Passion of New Eve, Angela Carter: Critical Explorations, Northampton, UK, 5.-6.6.2009.

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