Richter, Virginia

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Richter, Virginia (18 February 2016). Monsters and Monuments: Figurations of the Past in Nineteenth-Century Science Writing (Unpublished). In: Present Pasts: Historical Consciousness and the Experience of Modernity. Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich. 18.02.2016.

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Richter, Virginia (24 April 2015). The Agency of the Poor: Economy in Thomas Hardy’s Novels (Unpublished). In: SAUTE Conference: Economies of English. Geneva. 24.-26.04.2015.

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Richter, Virginia (17 July 2014). Mon semblable, mon singe? Anti-Anthropomorphism in Colin McAdam's A Beautiful Truth. In: Reading Animals Conference. University of Sheffield. 17.-20.07.2014.

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Richter, Virginia (June 2013). Vision and Fancy. Margaret Cavendish’s Epistemology of Seeing (Unpublished). In: The Five Senses in Medieval and Early Modern Cultures: Literature and Language. Bern. 7.-8.6.2013.

Richter, Virginia (March 2013). Wir müssen selbstbewusster auftreten (Interview). Horizonte – Das Schweizer Forschungsmagazin, 25(96), p. 23. SNF

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Richter, Virginia (2011). Menschlichkeit im literarischen Tierexperiment von Wilkie Collins bis Karel Čapek, Conference "Tierexperimente in der Literatur", Kloster Brombach, 14.-16.9.2011.

Richter, Virginia (2011). Seeking Our Inner Ape, or Why Darwin Is a Pop Star, invited lecture, International University Bremen, 24.11.2011.


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Richter, Virginia (2009). Ereignis Frauenstudium. Frauen als Aussenseiterinnen und Pionierinnen in der Wissenschaft. In: Wendler, Elke; Zwickies, Alexander (eds.) 100 Jahre Frauenstudium in Jena - Bilanz und Ausblick. Licht Gedanken: Vol. 5 (pp. 21-39). IKS Garamond

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