Schmidhalter, Daniel

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Henzen, Dominik; Zanella do Amaral Campos, Pedro Paulo; Schmidhalter, Daniel; Volken, Werner; Mackeprang, Paul-Henry; Malthaner, Marco; Fix, Michael; Manser, Peter (June 2016). TH-AB-201-05: Determining the Direction Distribution of the Primary Radiation for a Cyberknife-M6. Medical physics, 43(6), p. 3850. American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM 10.1118/1.4958033

Schmidhalter, Daniel; Henzen, Dominik; Malthaner, Marco; Frauchiger, Daniel; Fix, Michael; Manser, Peter (June 2016). SU-F-T-586: Pre-Treatment QA of InCise2 MLC Plans On a Cyberknife-M6 Using the Delta4 System in SBRT. Medical physics, 43(6), p. 3598. American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM 10.1118/1.4956771

Mackeprang, Paul-Henry; Schmidhalter, Daniel; Henzen, Dominik; Malthaner, Marco; Aebersold, Daniel; Manser, Peter; Fix, Michael (2016). PO-0828: Dosimetric assessment of a second generation Multi-Leaf Collimator for robotic radiotherapy. Radiotherapy and oncology, 119, S391-S392. Elsevier 10.1016/S0167-8140(16)32078-3


Schmidhalter, Daniel; Malthaner, Marco; Born, Ernst Johann; Pica, Alessia; Schmücking, Michael; Aebersold, Daniel; Fix, Michael; Manser, Peter (2014). Assessment of patient setup errors in IGRT in combination with a six degrees of freedom couch. Zeitschrift für medizinische Physik, 24(2), pp. 112-122. Elsevier, Urban & Fischer 10.1016/j.zemedi.2013.11.002


Schmidhalter, D.; Fix, M.; Wyss, M.; Schaer, N.; Munro, P.; Scheib, S.; Kunz, P.; Manser, P. (2013). Evaluation of a new six degrees of freedom couch for radiation therapy. Medical physics, 40(11), p. 111710. American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM 10.1118/1.4823789

Brömme, J.; Abu-Isa, J.; Kottke, R.; Beck, J.; Wiest, R.; Malthaner, M.; Schmidhalter, D.; Raabe, A.; Aebersold, D. M.; Pica, A. (2013). Adjuvant therapy after resection of brain metastases. Frameless image-guided LINAC-based radiosurgery and stereotactic hypofractionated radiotherapy. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, 189(9), pp. 765-770. Springer-Medizin-Verlag 10.1007/s00066-013-0409-z

Pica, Alessia; Abbeel, Sarah; Von der Weid, Nicolas; Sajadi, Ali; Negretti, Laura; Phan-Hug, Franziska; Haudenschild, Michael; Schmidhalter, Daniel; Schwitzgebel, Valerie; Weber, Damien (2013). Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy with static field conformal and non coplanar arcs for pediatric patients with craniopharyngioma: analysis of long term visual outcome and endocrine toxicity. Journal of Radiosurgery & SBRT, 2(3), pp. 209-216. Old City Publishing

Pica, Alessia; Malthaner, Marco; Aebersold, Daniel; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen; Caversaccio, Marco; Vibert-Mennet, Dominique; Krähenbühl, Anna; Manser, Peter; Schmidhalter, Daniel (June 2013). Frameless linac-based (Novalis TX) stereotactic treatment for vestibular schwannoma that extend distally into the iac (Internal Acoustic Canal): an analysis of the dose to the cochlea. Journal of radiosurgery & SBRT, 2(Suppl. 2.1), pp. 55-56. Old City Publ.


Schmidhalter, D; Manser, P; Frei, D; Volken, W; Fix, M K (2010). Comparison of monte carlo collimator transport methods for photon treatment planning in radiotherapy. Medical physics, 37(2), pp. 492-504. College Park, Md.: American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM 10.1118/1.3284978


Fix, M.K.; Schmidhalter, D; Frei, D; Volken, W; Manser, P (2008). Efficient collimator transport for photon Monte Carlo treatment planning.


Schmidhalter, D; Fix, M K; Niederer, P; Mini, R; Manser, P (2007). Leaf transmission reduction using moving jaws for dynamic MLC IMRT. Medical physics, 34(9), pp. 3674-87. College Park, Md.: American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM 10.1118/1.2768864

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