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Britain, David; Thurlow, Crispin (18 January 2016). Dialect coaches as language workers (Unpublished). In: Wordsmiths Take 2 workshop. University of Bern. 18.01.2016.

Thurlow, Crispin (2016). Critical discourse studies in/of applied contexts: Missed opportunities, fraught possibilities (In Press). In: Gee, James Paul; Handford, Michael (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Critical Discourse Analysis. London: Routledge

Thurlow, Crispin (2016). Queering critical discourse studies or/and performing post-class ideologies. Critical Discourse Studies, 13(5), pp. 485-514. Taylor and Francis 10.1080/17405904.2015.1122646


Thurlow, Crispin (16 November 2015). Addressing the ideologies of digital discourse: The sordid story of sexting. (Unpublished). In: Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis. University of Valencia. 16.-17.11.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (13 November 2015). The more-than-representational provocations of elitist discourse. In: Diskurs – holistisch: Perspektiven integrierender Diskursforschung. University of Bern. 13.11.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (11 November 2015). Visualizing language ideologies: The tenacious case of texting (and sexting) (Unpublished). In: Communication in the ‘Country of Babel’: Language Ideological Debates on Contact Varieties. University of Bern. 11.-12.11.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (21 October 2015). Semiotic ideologies and sexting (Unpublished). In: Invited Talk. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. 21.10.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (8 October 2015). Making sense of sexting discourse (Unpublished). In: Invited Talk. University of Lausanne. 8.10.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (October 2015). Keynote Paper: The euphoria of privilege and the limits of language (Unpublished). In: Sociolinguistics Today and Tomorrow. University of Hong Kong. October 2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (29 September 2015). Language, materiality and new post-class ideologies (Unpublished). In: The Kent Ridge Linguistics Colloquia Series. National University of Singapore, Singapore. 29.11.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (7 September 2015). Mediatizing Sex (Unpublished). In: The 6th Language in the Media Conference. University of Hamburg. 07.-09.09.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (7 September 2015). Sexting: Unravelling the language/technology/work ménage (Unpublished). In: The 6th Language in the Media Conference. University of Hamburg. 07.-09.09.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (2015). Multimodality, materiality and everday textualities: The sensuous stuff of status (In Press). In: Rippl, Gabriele (ed.) Handbook of Intermediality: Literature, Image, Sound, Music. Frankfurt am Main: De Gruyter

Thurlow, Crispin (3 June 2015). Engaging the world of language work/ers (Unpublished). In: The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centering and (De)standardization. University of Hong Kong. 03.-06.06.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (3 June 2015). Decentring the linguist OR Language workers of the world unite! (Unpublished). In: The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centering and (De)standardization. University of Hong Kong. 03.-06.06.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (21 May 2015). Word-things and space-sounds: The synaesthetic rhetorics of luxury (Unpublished). In: Critical Luxury Studies. Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. 21.05.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (14 May 2015). Performing New “Post-Class” Ideologies OR Queering Critical Discourse Studies (Unpublished). In: GLOBE conference “Past, present and future of discourse studies”. University of Warsaw. 14.-16.05.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (13 May 2015). Making sense of digital discourse: Ideologies, methodologies, multimodalities (Unpublished). In: Language and Society: Workshop in Communication and Discourse Studies. University of Warsaw. 13.05.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (24 April 2015). “A world apart”: Language, materiality and the global semioscape of super-elite status (Unpublished). In: The SAUTE conference on “The Economies of English”. University of Geneva. 24.-25.04.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (9 April 2015). Where did all the teachers go? Confronting the divisive implications of impact, community engagement, etc (Unpublished). In: The 4th iMean conference. Warwick University, England. 09.-11.04.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (4 March 2015). The sensuous stuff of status: Language, materiality and elitist discourse. In: Invited Talk. Humanities Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, England. 04.03.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin (3 March 2015). The world of wordsmiths: Engaging the work of contemporary language workers (Unpublished). In: The Applied Linguistics Seminar Series. Newcastle University, England. 03.03.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin; Jaworski, Adam (15 January 2015). Permeable geographies, slippery rhetorics: The “post-enclavic” landcapes of super-elite status (Unpublished). In: Cities and the Super-Rich. City University of Hong Kong. 15.-16.01.2015.

Thurlow, Crispin; Jaworski, Adam (2015). Tourism Discourse (In Press). In: Tracy, Karen (ed.) The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction (pp. 1520-1525). Malden, MA: Wiley Blackwell

Thurlow, Crispin; Jaworski, Adam (2015). On top of the world: Tourist's spectacular self-locations as multimodal travel writing (In Press). In: Kuehn, Julia; Smethurst, Paul (eds.) New Directions in Travel Writing Studies. London: Palgrave McMillan

Thurlow, Crispin (2015). Crispin Thurlow Discusses Digital Communication [Movie]. In: Sage Video Experts. London, England: Sage Video


Thurlow, Crispin (1 September 2014). Word-things and space-sounds: The synaesthetic rhetorics of luxury (Unpublished). In: 5th international conference on critical approaches to discourse analysis across disciplines (CADAAD). Lorànd Eötvös University, Budapest. 01.-03.09.2014.

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Thurlow, Crispin; Jaworski, Adam (2014). "Two hundred ninety-four": Remediation and multimodal performance in tourist placemaking. Journal of sociolinguistics, 18(4), pp. 459-494. Blackwell Publishing 10.1111/josl.12090

Thurlow, Crispin; Moshin, J (2014). Wooly sluts and incurious cowboys: Taboo language and the print media's vilification of the Other (Submitted). Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies Routledge

Thurlow, Crispin (22 April 2014). El discurso digital: Desde ideologías de nueva lengua hasta nuevas ideologías de la lengua (Unpublished). In: 14th Congreso de la Sociedad Argentina de Lingüística. Universidad Nacional de Catamarca. 22.-25.04.2014.

Thurlow, Crispin (21 February 2014). Luxury landscapes: Language, materiality and the semiotic production of super-elite status (Unpublished). In: Invited Talk. New York University. 21.02.2014.

Thurlow, Crispin (21 February 2014). Language at work: Engaging the worlds of contemporary wordsmithery (Unpublished). In: Invited Talk. New York University. 21.02.2014.

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Thurlow, Crispin (2014). Disciplining youth: Language ideologies and new technologies. In: Jaworski, Adam; Coupland, Nikolas (eds.) The Discourse Reader (pp. 481-496). London: Routledge

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