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Berger, Steffen Michael; Raio, Luigi; Nelle, Mathias; Wagner, Bendicht Peter; Gronau, Jürgen; Seiler, Stefan Jürg; Kadner, Alexander; Wildhaber, Barbara (2017). Trennung frühgeborener siamesischer Zwillinge: möglich durch Zusammenarbeit. Swiss Medical Forum, 17(1-2), pp. 19-21. EMH Swiss Medical Publishers


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Clemençon, Benjamin; Lüscher, Benjamin; Fine, Michael; Baumann, Marc Ulrich; Surbek, Daniel; Bonny, Olivier; Hediger, Matthias (2014). Expression, purification, and structural insights for the human uric acid transporter, GLUT9, using the Xenopus laevis oocytes system. PLoS ONE, 9(10), e108852. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pone.0108852

Huang, Xiao; Lüthi, Michael; Ontsouka, Edgar; Baumann, Marc Ulrich; Surbek, Daniel; Albrecht, Christiane (September 2014). Materno-fetal nutrient transfer across primary human trophoblast layer. Placenta, 35, A97-A98. Elsevier

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Marini, Camilla; Lüscher, Benjamin; Jörger Messerli, Marianne; Sager, Ruth; Huang, Xiao; Gertsch, Jürg; Hediger, Matthias; Albrecht, Christiane; Baumann, Marc Ulrich; Surbek, Daniel (March 2014). Placental Glucose Transporter (GLUT1) Expression in Pre-Eclampsia. Reproductive sciences, 21(3), 304A-304A. Sage

Lüscher, Benjamin; Clemençon, Benjamin; Marini, Camilla; Huang, Xiao; Sager, Ruth; Jeanneret, Céline; Reymond, Jean-Louis; Albrecht, Christiane; Hediger, Matthias; Surbek, Daniel; Baumann, Marc Ulrich (January 2014). Placental Uric Acid Transport System: Glucose Transporter 9 (SLC2A9). Reproductive sciences, 21(3), 303A-303A. Sage

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Lüscher, Benjamin; Messerli, Marianne; Surbek, Daniel; Sager, Ruth; Albrecht, Christiane; Hediger, Matthias; Baumann, Marc (2012). Placental glucose transporter (Glut)-1 expression in preeclampsia. Placenta, 33(9), A90-A90. Elsevier


Kluwe, Wolfram; Muller Brochut, A.-C.; Raio, Luigi; Mc Dougall Müller, FJ; Thomann, Daniel (2009). Pre- and postnatal therapy of lower urinary tract obstruction - an experience of 18 years. In: 9th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine. Berlin, Germany. 26.10.2009.


Mohr, S; Portmann-Lanz, B; Schoeberlein, A; Sager, R; Surbek, D (2008). Placenta mesenchymal stem cells on a chorionic scaffold as a portential osteogeneic graft for peripartal bone regeneration. Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde(68), S23. Stuttgart: Thieme

Mohr, S; Portmann-Lanz, B; Schoeberlein, A; Sager, R; Surbek, D (2008). Placental mesenchymal stem cells as potential grafts for peripartum osteogeneic and neural regeneration. European journal of ultrasound(29), S101. Shannon: Elsevier Science Ireland

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