UNESCO Chair on Cultural and Natural Heritage and Sustainable Mountain Development in Coodination with World Nature Forum (WNF) in Naters, Switzerland

Cluster: Sustainability Governance

Commencement Date / Completion DateUNSPECIFIED - UNSPECIFIED
Contributors Stephan Rist
Publications Gerritsen, Peter R. W.; Rist, Stephan; Hernández, Jaime Morales; Ponce, Nelson Tapia (eds.) (2018). Multifuncionalidad, sustentabilidad y buen vivir. Miradas desde Bolivia y México. Gudalajara, Mexico: Departamento de Ecología y Recursos Naturales – IMECBIO, Centro Universitario de la Costa Sur, Universidad de Guadalajara
Tribaldos, Theresa Margarete (2019). UNESCO Chair on Natural and Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Mountain Development (Unpublished). In: 3rd international conference of the UNESCO Chair for Education for Sustainable Development. Bordeaux, France. 28-29 May 2019.

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