Object histories - Flotsam as early globalism

Grant Value72000
Commencement Date / Completion DateAugust 2015 - July 2019
Contributors Prof. Beate Fricke (Principle Investigator)
Prof. Finbarr Barry Flood (Principle Investigator)
Funders [UNSPECIFIED] American Council for Learned Societies
Publications Fricke, Beate (24 October 2019). Object Histories. Early Modern Flotsam (Unpublished). In: Transforming the Past: the concept of object biographies. Universität Bern. 24 Oktober 2019.
Fricke, Beate (19 March 2020). Flotsam (Unpublished). In: Material Culture in Transit. Bern. 19.-20. März 2020.
Fricke, Beate; Mühlemann, Corinne (27 January 2020). "Niello and Lampas – Two Examples of how Craft Knowledge was transferred between Baghdad, al-Andalus and Northern Europe during 12th Century" (Unpublished). In: Dialogues in the Late Medieval Mediterranean: Methodological Encounters and (Dis)Encounters. Madrid. 27. Januar 2020.
Fricke, Beate (27 October 2017). Travelling stones and the sea of glass (Unpublished). In: Objects of Resistance: early global material cultures between inclusion, resilience and refusal (1300- 1600).. Mailand.
Fricke, Beate (27 October 2017). Profane Origins, Sacred Use – A rock crystal lion as a liturgical object and its potential references to cosmological thoughts (Unpublished). In: VII Coloquio Ars Mediaevalis. Lo profano en el arte sagrado medieval. Aguilar de Campoo (Spanien).
Fricke, Beate (20 May 2017). Traveling Treasures - from Leo Insidiabatur to Agnus Dei (Unpublished). In: Seeking Transparency: The Medieval Rock Crystals. Florenz. Kunsthistorisches Institut (MPG). 19.-20.Mai 2017.

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