Catastrophic shifts in drylands

Commencement Date / Completion Date2012 - 2017
Contributors Matteo Jucker (Principle Investigator)
Publications Marques, Maria Jose; Schwilch, Gudrun; Lauterburg, Nina Juanita; Crittenden, Stephen; Tesfai, Mehreteab; Stolte, Jannes; Zdruli, Pandi; Zucca, Claudio; Petursdottir, Thorunn; Evelpidou, Niki; Karkani, Anna; Yilmazgil, Yasemen Asli; Panagopoulos, Thomas; Yirdaw, Eshetu; Kanninen, Markku; Rubio, Jose Luis; Schmiedel, Ute; Doko, Adrian (2016). Multifaceted impacts of sustainable land management in drylands: A review. Sustainability, 8(2), p. 177. MDPI 10.3390/su8020177
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Schwilch, Gudrun (2018). Sustainable soil management through a transdisciplinary assessment and valuation of ecosystem services (Unpublished). In: BONARES Conference 2018. "Soil as a Sustainable Ressource". Berlin, Germany. 26-28 February 2018.

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