Commencement Date / Completion DateUNSPECIFIED - UNSPECIFIED
Publications Hurni, Thomas; Huber, Thomas; Dibbern, Jens (15 December 2015). Coordinating Platform-Based Multi-Sourcing: Introducing the Theory of Convention. ICIS 2015 Proceedings.
Oshri, Ilan; Dibbern, Jens; Kotlarsky, Julia (2015). Joint Vendor Performance in Multi-Sourcing Arrangements: The Moderating Role of the Guardian. In: Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings 2015 2015 (p. 17393). Academy of Management 10.5465/AMBPP.2015.17393abstract
Krancher, Oliver; Stürmer, Matthias (2017). Multisourcing Decision in Application Services Outsourcing: Do the Smart Get Smarter? (Unpublished). In: The 11th Global Sourcing Workshop. La Thuile Italy. 22.-25.02.2017.
Krancher, Oliver; Kotlarsky, Julia; Oshri, Ilan; Dibbern, Jens (2018). Bilateral versus Collective Governance : How Clients Promote Relational Norms in Multisourcing (Submitted). In: The 12th Global Sourcing Workshop. La Thuile, Italy. 21.-24.02.2018.
Krancher, Oliver; Stürmer, Matthias (2018). Explaining Multisourcing Decisions in Application Outsourcing. In: Twenty-Sixth European Conference on Information Systems. Portsmouth, UK. 23.-28.06 2017.
Krancher, Oliver; Oshri, Ilan; Kotlarsky, Julia; Dibbern, Jens (2018). How Formal Governance Affects Multisourcing Success: A Multi-level Perspective. In: 39th International Conference on Information Systems. San Francisco, USA.

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