Ardura Garcia, Cristina

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Mozun, Rebeca; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Pedersen, Eva S. L.; Goutaki, Myrofora; Usemann, Jakob; Singer, Florian; Latzin, Philipp; Moeller, Alexander; Kuehni, Claudia E. (2021). Agreement of parent- and child-reported wheeze and its association with measurable asthma traits. (In Press). Pediatric pulmonology Wiley-Blackwell 10.1002/ppul.25690

Ardura Garcia, Cristina; Kreis, Christian; Rakic, Milenko; Jaboyedoff, Manon; Mallet, Maria Christina; Low, Nicola; Kuehni, Claudia E. (2021). Rotavirus disease and health care utilisation among children under 5 years of age in highly developed countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Vaccine, 39(22), pp. 2917-2928. Elsevier 10.1016/j.vaccine.2021.04.039

Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Cuevas-Ocaña, Sara; Freitag, Nadine; Kampouras, Asterios; King, John A.; Kouis, Panayiotis; Mensink-Bout, Sara M.; Whitehouse, Abigail L.; Williams, Emma; Dassios, Theodore; Duijts, Liesbeth; Ersu, Refika H; Gaillard, Erol A.; Horsley, Alex R.; Proesmans, Marijke; Rottier, Robbert; Schramm, Dirk; Moeller, Alexander; Pijnenburg, Marielle W. (2021). ERS International Congress 2020: highlights from the Paediatric Assembly. ERJ Open Research, 7(1), 00893-2020. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/23120541.00893-2020

Pedersen, Eva S.L.; Collaud, Eugénie N.R.; Mozun, Rebeca; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Lam, Yin Ting; Harris, Amanda; Lucas, Jane S; Copeland, Fiona; Manion, Michele; Rindlisbacher, Bernhard; Silberschmidt, Hansruedi; Goutaki, Myrofora; Kuehni, Claudia E. (2021). COVID-PCD: a participatory research study on the impact of COVID-19 in people with primary ciliary dyskinesia [protocol]. ERJ Open Research, 7(1), 00843-2020. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/23120541.00843-2020

Pedersen, Eva SL; de Jong, Carmen CM; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Mallet, Maria Christina; Barben, Juerg; Casaulta, Carmen; Hoyler, Karin; Jochmann, Anja; Moeller, Alexander; Mueller-Suter, Dominik; Regamey, Nicolas; Singer, Florian; Goutaki, Myrofora; Kuehni, Claudia E. (2021). Reported symptoms differentiate diagnoses in children with exercise-induced respiratory problems: findings from the Swiss Paediatric Airway Cohort (SPAC). Journal of allergy and clinical immunology. In practice, 9(2), 881-889.e3. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jaip.2020.09.012

Pedersen, Eva SL; Ardura Garcia, Cristina; de Jong, Carmen CM; Jochmann, Anja; Moeller, Alexander; Mueller-Suter, Dominik; Regamey, Nicolas; Singer, Florian; Goutaki, Myrofora; Kuehni, Claudia E (2021). Diagnosis in children with exercise-induced respiratory symptoms: a multi-centre study. Pediatric pulmonology, 56(1), pp. 217-225. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1002/ppul.25126


de Jong, Carmen CM.; Pedersen, Eva SL.; Mozun, Rebeca; Müller-Suter, Dominik; Jochmann, Anja; Singer, Florian; Casaulta, Carmen; Regamey, Nicolas; Moeller, Alexander; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Kuehni, Claudia E (2020). Diagnosis of asthma in children: findings from the Swiss Paediatric Airway Cohort. European respiratory journal, 56(5), p. 2000132. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/13993003.00132-2020

Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Mozun, Rebeca; Pedersen, Eva S.L.; Otth, Maria; Mallet, Maria Christina; Goutaki, Myrofora; Kuehni, Claudia E (2020). Paediatric cohort studies on lower respiratory diseases and their reporting quality: systematic review of the year 2018. European respiratory journal, 56(5), p. 2000168. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/13993003.00168-2020

Mozun, Rebeca; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; de Jong, Carmen C. M.; Goutaki, Myrofora; Usemann, Jakob; Singer, Florian; Latzin, Philipp; Kuehni, Claudia E.; Moeller, Alexander (2020). Cigarette, shisha and electronic smoking and respiratory symptoms in Swiss children: the LUIS study. Pediatric pulmonology, 55(10), pp. 2806-2815. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1002/ppul.24985

Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Goutaki, Myrofora; Carr, Siobhán B; Crowley, Suzanne; Halbeisen, Florian S.; Nielsen, Kim G; Pennekamp, Petra; Raidt, Johanna; Thouvenin, Guillaume; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K; Omran, Heymut; Kuehni, Claudia E. (2020). Registries and collaborative studies for primary ciliary dyskinesia in Europe. ERJ Open Research, 6(2), 00005-2020. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/23120541.00005-2020

Nenna, Raffaella; Slaats, Monique; Ersu, Refika; Lo, David; Seglani, Sejal; Nissenbaum, Claire; Horsley, Alex R; Proesmans, Marijke; Petrarca, Laura; Williams, Emma; Dassios, Theodore; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Duijts, Liesbeth; Marczak, Honorata; Snijders, Deborah; Rottier, Robbert; Chao, Cho-Ming; Pijnenburg, Marielle W; Grigg, Jonathan (2020). ERS International Congress, Madrid, 2019: highlights from the Paediatric Assembly. ERJ Open Research, 6(2), 00063-2020. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/23120541.00063-2020


Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Arias, Erick; Hurtado, Paola; Bonnett, Laura J; Sandoval, Carlos; Maldonado, Augusto; Workman, Lisa J; Platts-Mills, Thomas A E; Cooper, Philip J; Blakey, John D (2019). Predictors of severe asthma attack re-attendance in Ecuadorian children: a cohort study. European respiratory journal, 54(5), p. 1802419. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/13993003.02419-2018

Mozun, Rebeca; Pedersen, Eva S L; Ardura-Garcia, Cristina (2019). Does high-flow oxygen reduce escalation of care in infants with hypoxaemic bronchiolitis? [commentary]. Breathe, 15(3), pp. 247-249. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/20734735.0192-2019

Ardura-Garcia, Cristina; Kuehni, Claudia E (2019). Reducing childhood respiratory morbidity and mortality in low and middle income countries: a current challenge [editorial]. European respiratory journal, 54(1), p. 900987. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/13993003.00987-2019


Pedersen, Eva S L; de Jong, Carmen C M; Ardura Garcia, Cristina; Barben, Juerg; Casaulta, Carmen; Frey, Urs; Jochmann, Anja; Latzin, Philipp; Moeller, Alexander; Regamey, Nicolas; Singer, Florian; Spycher, Ben; Sutter, Oliver; Goutaki, Myrofora; Kuehni, Claudia E; study group, SPAC (2018). The Swiss Paediatric Airway Cohort (SPAC). ERJ Open Research, 4(4), 00050. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/23120541.00050-2018

Ardura Garcia, Cristina; Pedersen, Eva S L; Goutaki, Myrofora (2018). The limitations of cross-sectional data: perinatal risk factors for asthma [letter]. European respiratory journal, 52(3), p. 1801197. European Respiratory Society 10.1183/13993003.01197-2018

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