Barras, Arnaud Gian

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de Zwaan, Devin R; Scridel, Davide; Altamirano, Tomás A; Gokhale, Pranav; Kumar, R Suresh; Sevillano-Ríos, Steven; Barras, Arnaud G; Arredondo-Amezcua, Libertad; Asefa, Addisu; Carrillo, Ricardo A; Green, Ken; Gutiérrez-Chávez, Carlos A; Lehikoinen, Aleksi; Li, Shaobin; Lin, Ruey-Shing; Norment, Christopher J; Oswald, Krista N; Romanov, Alexey A; Salvador, Julio; Weston, Kerry A; ... (2022). GABB: A global dataset of alpine breeding birds and their ecological traits. Scientific data, 9(1), p. 627. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41597-022-01723-6

Barras, Arnaud G.; Candolfi, Ivan; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2022). Spatio-temporal patterns of earthworm abundance suggest time-limited food availability for a subalpine bird species. Pedobiologia, 93-94, p. 150826. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pedobi.2022.150826

Huang, Yongjie; Ye, Yuanxing; Zhang, Yazu; Barras, Arnaud Gian; Wang, Chao; Qing, Baoping; Ding, Changqing (2022). Tall trees drive the nest-site selection of wild Crested Ibis Nipponia nippon. Bird Conservation International, 32(3), pp. 486-497. Cambridge University Press 10.1017/S0959270921000526


Barras, Arnaud G.; Blache, Sébastien; Schaub, Michael; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2021). Variation in Demography and Life-History Strategies Across the Range of a Declining Mountain Bird Species. Frontiers in ecology and evolution, 9 Frontiers Media 10.3389/fevo.2021.780706

Barras, Arnaud G.; Liechti, Felix; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2021). Seasonal and daily movement patterns of an alpine passerine suggest high flexibility in relation to environmental conditions. Journal of avian biology, 52(12) Wiley 10.1111/jav.02860

Barras, Arnaud G.; Braunisch, Veronika; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2021). Predictive models of distribution and abundance of a threatened mountain species show that impacts of climate change overrule those of land use change. Diversity and Distributions, 27(6), pp. 989-1004. Wiley 10.1111/ddi.13247

Barras, Arnaud G.; Niffenegger, Carole A.; Candolfi, Ivan; Hunziker, Yannick A.; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2021). Nestling diet and parental food provisioning in a declining mountain passerine reveal high sensitivity to climate change. Journal of avian biology, 52(2) Wiley 10.1111/jav.02649


Vignali, Sergio; Barras, Arnaud Gian; Arlettaz, Raphaël; Braunisch, Veronika (2020). SDMtune: An R package to tune and evaluate species distribution models. Ecology and evolution, 10(20), pp. 11488-11506. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 10.1002/ece3.6786

Barras, Arnaud G.; Marti, Sophie; Ettlin, Sarah; Vignali, Sergio; Resano-Mayor, Jaime; Braunisch, Veronika; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2020). The importance of seasonal environmental factors in the foraging habitat selection of Alpine Ring Ouzels Turdus torquatus alpestris. Ibis, 162(2), pp. 505-519. Wiley 10.1111/ibi.12764


Resano Mayor, Jaime; Korner-Nievergelt, Fränzi; Vignali, Sergio; Horrenberger, Nathan; Barras, Arnaud G.; Braunisch, Veronika; Pernollet, Claire A.; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2019). Snow cover phenology is the main driver of foraging habitat selection for a high‑alpine passerine during breeding: implications for species persistence in the face of climate change. Biodiversity and conservation, 28(10), pp. 2669-2685. Springer 10.1007/s10531-019-01786-9

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