Bastide, Joan

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Journal Article

Bächtold, Stefan; Bastide, Joan; Lundsgaard-Hansen, Lara (2020). Assembling Drones, Activists and Oil Palms: Implications of a Multi-stakeholder Land Platform for State Formation in Myanmar. The European journal of development research, 32(2), pp. 359-378. Springer 10.1057/s41287-020-00267-y

Nomura, Keiko; Mitchard, Edward T. A.; Patenaude, Genevieve; Bastide, Joan; Oswald, Patrick; Nwe, Thazin (2019). Oil palm concessions in southern Myanmar consist mostly of unconverted forest. Scientific Reports, 9(1) Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41598-019-48443-3


Balsiger, Urs; Bastide, Joan; Bieri, Sabin; Breu, Thomas; da Silva-Trolliet, Tamara Rebecca; Ehrensperger, Albrecht; Harari, Nicole; Heinimann, Andreas; Kiteme, Bonifcae; Lardelli, Corina; Messerli, Peter; Oberlack, Christoph; Weger, Barbara (2017). Spotlight on engaged and transformative science. CDE annual report 2016 (CDE Annual Report 2016). Bern, Switzerland: Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)

Conference or Workshop Item

Oberlack, Christoph; Lundsgaard, Lara; Bastide, Joan (2019). Governance innovations for sustainability transformations: the case of multi-stakeholder platforms on oil palm in Myanmar (Unpublished). In: Leverage Points 2019: International Conference on Sustainability Research and Transformation. Lüneburg, Germany. 06-08 February 2019.

Hunt, Glenn; Lundsgaard-Hansen, Lara Maria; von der Mühlen, Manuel; Bastide, Joan; Heinimann, Andreas (2019). Chasing tenure rights in the ‘new’ Myanmar - Opportunities and challenges to the recognition of land and forest tenure rights on the indigenous frontier (Unpublished). In: 4th Open Science Meeting of Global Land Programme. Bern, Switzerland. 24 April 2019.

Makury, Athon; Bastide, Joan; von der Mühlen, Manuel; Hunt, Glenn; Heinimann, Andreas (2019). Jhum in Nagaland: Long fallow shifting cultivation system in northwestern Myanmar (Unpublished). In: 4th Open Science Meeting of Global Land Programme. Bern, Switzerland. 24 April 2019.

Lundsgaard, Lara; Tun, Nwe Nwe; Hunt, Glenn; Bastide, Joan; Myint, Win; Schneider, Flurina; Messerli, Peter (2019). Does it really contribute to peace- and state-building? Land governance and land use changes during the civil war in southern Myanmar (Unpublished). In: Global Land Project 4th Open Science Meeting (GLP-OSM). Bern, Switzerland. 24-26 April 2019.

Lundsgaard-Hansen, Lara M.; Tun, Nwe Nwe; Schneider, Flurina; Bastide, Joan; Thein, U Shwe; Mynt, Win; Oberlack, Christoph; Fischer, Manuel; Messerli, Peter (2017). The potential of social learning for a land governance transformation in Southern Myanmar: Multi-stakeholder platform for the review of oil palm concessions (Unpublished). In: Resilience Conference. Stockholm, Sweden. 21-23 August 2017.

Lundsgaard-Hansen, Lara Maria; Tun, Nwe Nwe; Bastide, Joan; Mynt, Win; Schneider, Flurina; Oberlack, Christoph (2017). How political evidence seeking can affect data collection - Experiences from Myanmar (Unpublished). In: ICRD Conference. Bern, Switzerland. 05-08 September 2017.

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