Behluli, Sofie

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Behluli, Sofie (18 November 2022). “Apathetic Storytelling? Disaffection in Ottessa Moshfegh’s Fiction” (Unpublished). In: SANAS Conference: Who Tells Your Story?. University of Fribourg. 18-19 November 2022.

Behluli, Sofie (1 September 2022). “Between Lives, Between Media: Visual Art in Olivia Laing’s The Lonely City (2016)” (Unpublished). In: 6th International Society for Intermedial Studies Conference In Between and Across: New Directions, Mappings and Contact Zones. Trinity College, Dublin. 1-3 September 2022.

Behluli, Sofie (25 June 2022). “Lonely Descriptions of Art and Life: Olivia Laing’s The Lonely City (2016).” (Unpublished). In: Workshop Life Writing, Creativity, and the Social. University of Bielefeld, Germany. 24-25 June 2022.

Behluli, Sofie (2022). On Literary Apathy: Forms of Dis/Affection in My Year of Rest and Relaxation (2018). Anglia - journal of English philology / Zeitschrift für englische Philologie, 140(3/4), pp. 607-633. De Gruyter 10.1515/ang-2022-0032

Behluli, Sofie (2022). Ulla Haselstein, Gertrude Steins literarische Portraits, Konstanz: Konstanz University Press, 2019. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, 70(4), pp. 471-473. De Gruyter 10.1515/zaa-2022-2079

Behluli, Sofie (2022). Scholarship Report for the Swiss Friends of Oxford University


Behluli, Sofie (7 October 2021). Entangled Lives: The Use of Visual Art in Contemporary Life Narratives (Unpublished). In: Text and Image in Modern English Literature (Lecture series by Prof. Julia Straub). University of Fribourg. 07.10.2021.

Behluli, Sofie (16 September 2021). Framing a Life as a Painting: Sackville’s Painter to the King (2018) and Cumming’s The Vanishing Man (2016) (Unpublished). In: Biofiction as World Literature: Conference on Biofiction as World Literature. Leuven, Belgium. 15-18.09.2021.

Behluli, Sofie (14 May 2021). A Difficult Intercultural Encounter: Installation Art in Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs (2013) (Unpublished). In: Migrations and Contacts (SAUTE Conference). University of Zurich. 14.-15.05.2021.

Behluli, Sofie (2021). Women Writing Novels on Art: Ekphrasis in Twenty-First Century Fiction. (Unpublished). (Dissertation, University of Oxford, New College)

Behluli, Sofie (2021). Framing Lives as Paintings. Women: A Cultural Review, 32(2), pp. 119-139. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/09574042.2021.1914901


Behluli, Sofie (2020). Constellating a Work of Abundance. Criticism : a quarterly for literature and the arts, 62(2), pp. 307-311. Wayne State Univ. Press 10.13110/criticism.62.2.0307


Behluli, Sofie (26 August 2019). “The Work of Art and Appropriation” (Unpublished). In: 8th Conference of the European Society of Comparative Literature, "Literature, Cultural Exchanges and Transmission: Knowledge and Creation Between Past and Future". Lille, France. 26-30 August 2019.

Behluli, Sofie (27 June 2019). “Ekphrasis and Aura: The Value of the Work of Art in 'The Goldfinch' and 'Headlong'” (Unpublished). In: Biannual Conference of the International Walter Benjamin Society "Walter Benjamin’s Beginnings / Commencements". Bern. 26-29 June 2019.

Behluli, Sofie (2019). "All the World’s a Page – How to Travel the World with Literature" [Performance or Exhibition]. In: Long Night of Sciences / Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft. Humboldt University, Berlin. 15 June 2019

Behluli, Sofie (4 June 2019). “Painting With Words: How We See in Literature” (Unpublished). In: Lord Florey Lecture Series. University of Oxford. 4 Juni 2019.

Behluli, Sofie (2019). Review of Nassim Winnie Balestrini and Ina Bergmann, eds., Intermediality, Life Writing, and American Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, (Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, 2018), 264 pp. Amerikastudien / American studies, 64(1), pp. 145-148. Winter 10.33675/AMST/2019/1/17


Behluli, Sofie (1 December 2018). “The Figure of the Artist in Contemporary Anglo-American Fiction: Chevalier, Messud, Tartt” (Unpublished). In: 8th Annual British Association for Modernist Studies (BAMS)Postgraduate Conference "New Work in Modernist Studies". University of Glasgow. 01.12.2018.

Behluli, Sofie (1 November 2018). Promotional Talk for the Berrow Foundation Scholarship (Unpublished). In: Promotional Talk for the Berrow Foundation Scholarship. University of Bern. 1 Nov 2018.

Behluli, Sofie (26 February 2018). “Ekphrastic Practices in Contemporary US-American Novels: Hanya Yanagihara” (Unpublished). In: School of American Visual Art and Text (SAVAnT) Workshop. British Library, London. 26 Feb 2018.

Behluli, Sofie (2018). Review of Timo Müller, ed., "Handbook of the American Novel of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries". Anglia - journal of English philology / Zeitschrift für englische Philologie, 136(2), pp. 378-381. De Gruyter 10.1515/ang-2018-0027


Rippl, Gabriele; Behluli, Sofie (2017). Ekphrasis in the Digital Age. In: Hoffman, Christina; Öttl, Johanna (eds.) Digitalität und literarische Netz-Werke. Antikanon 2 (pp. 131-176). Wien: Turia + Kant

Behluli, Sofie (2017). Bonding in Bonden: A Post-Postmodernist Female Community in Siri Hustvedt’s The Summer Without Men. In: Straub, Julia; Etter, Lukas (eds.) American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political. SPELL: Vol. 35 (pp. 43-60). Tübingen: Narr


Behluli, Sofie (17 December 2016). Review of “American Communities: Between the Popular and the Political”, Swiss Association for North American Studies. Conference, 4-5 November 2016, Bern. U.S. Studies Online Forum for New Writing BASS British Association for American Studies

Behluli, Sofie (November 2016). Transgenerational Female Communities in Siri Hustvedt’s The Summer Without Men (Unpublished). In: Sanas Conference. University of Bern. 04.-05.11.2016.

Behluli, Sofie (September 2016). When Words Border on Images (Unpublished). In: Transpositions Summer School on Border Regimes: Confrontations, Configurations, Transpositions. Kandersteg. 04.-09.09.2016.

Behluli, Sofie (June 2016). Evocation of Material Objects in Contemporary American Novels (Unpublished). In: International Summer Academy American Studies in a Transatlantic Perspective: Material Cultures. University of Miami. 04.-11.06.2016.

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