Benigno, Pierpaolo

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Benigno, Pierpaolo; Nisticò, Salvatore (April 2020). The Economics of Helicopter Money (CEPR Discussion Paper 14555).

Benigno, Pierpaolo; Canofari, Paolo; Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni; Messori, Marcello (2020). Uncertainty and the Pandemic Shocks (SEP LUISS Working Paper 8/2020).

Benigno, Pierpaolo; Canofari, Paolo; Di Bartolomeo, Giovanni; Messori, Marcello (2020). Theory, Evidence, and Risks of the ECB’s Asset Purchase Programme (SEP LUISS Working Paper 5/2020).

Benigno, Pierpaolo; Uhlig, Harald; Schilling, Linda M. (August 2019). Cryptocurrencies, Currency Competition, and The Impossible Trinity (Discussion Paper 13943). CEPR - Centre for Economic Policy research

Benigno, Pierpaolo (2011). Il morbo di Baumol e la malattia italiana. Il sole 24 ore(24.4.2011)


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