Berger, Matthias

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Berger, Matthias (2021). Medievalism and Exceptionalism in the Twenty-First Century: Britain and Switzerland (Submitted). Medievalism. Boydell & Brewer

Berger, Matthias (1 February 2021). Berner Totentanz. Theos: Theologisch bedeutsame Orte der Schweiz


Berger, Matthias (11 November 2020). The Nation in Thread: Tapestries and National History in Britain and Beyond (Unpublished). In: CUSO Doctoral Workshop in Medieval and Early Modern English Studies. Online via Zoom. 11.11.20.

Berger, Matthias (2020). The West Remembers (Its Premodern Self): Nation, Civilization, and the Insular Middle Ages in Game of Thrones. Studies in medievalism, 30 Brewer

Berger, Matthias (2020). Medievalisms of Welcome: Medieval Englishness and the Nation’s Migrant Other in Refugee Tales (Submitted). In: International Medievalisms. Medievalism. Boydell & Brewer

Berger, Matthias (17 July 2020). Carpegna Falconieri: The Militant Middle Ages. In: Medievally Speaking.

Berger, Matthias (2020). 2016 and All That: Medievalism and Exceptionalism in Brexit Britain. In: Brexit and Beyond: Nation and Identity. Narr

Berger, Matthias (4 May 2020). Entrenched stories of ancient national exceptionalism. In: Medievally Speaking.

Berger, Matthias (2020). Unique Continuities: The Nation and the Middle Ages in Twenty-First-Century Switzerland and Britain (Unpublished). (Dissertation, Universität Bern, Philosophisch-historische Fakultät)

Kern-Stähler, Annette; Berger, Matthias (20 February 2020). Das Mittelalter nach dem Mittelalter: Einführung (Unpublished). In: Ringvorlesung des Berner Mittelalter Zentrums "Das Mittelalter nach dem Mittelalter: Rückbezüge und Imaginationen". Universität Bern. 20.02.2020.


Berger, Matthias (29 November 2019). The Nation and the Names of Things: Troubled Monolingualism in Medievalism (Unpublished). In: CUSO English Study Day: Multilingualism in Medieval England. Lausanne. 29 November 2019.

Berger, Matthias (27 June 2019). On Pilgrimage Again: Protest, Place and the Nation’s Others in "Refugee Tales" (Unpublished). In: International Medievalisms Conference. Maynooth. 27-29 June 2019.

Berger, Matthias (4 May 2019). 2016 and All That: Medievalism and Exceptionalism in Brexit Britain. In: Brexit and Beyond: Nation and Identity. Basel: Universität Basel


Berger, Matthias (23 November 2018). The Others of National Medievalism: The Case of David Greig’s "Dunsinane" (Unpublished). In: The Middle Ages in the Modern World - Rome 2018. Rom, Italien. 21.-24. November 2018.

Berger, Matthias (26 July 2018). Magna Carta on Trial: Common Law Celebrates Itself (Unpublished). In: (Culture and Communications Graduate Committee seminar. Melbourne, Australien. 26.07.2018.

Berger, Matthias (12 May 2018). The West Remembers (Its Premodern Self) (Unpublished). In: 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo, USA. 10.-13.05.2018.

Berger, Matthias (1 May 2018). Und doch so nah: Britische und schweizerische "Nationalmittelalter" heute (Unpublished). In: Forschungskolloquium zur Geschichte der vormodernen und modernen Welt. Luzern, Schweiz. 01.05.2018.

Berger, Matthias (2018). “This Most Historic of Locations”: Performing Authentic Nationhood at Hastings and Morgarten. Studies in medievalism, XXVII, pp. 85-102. Brewer


Berger, Matthias (2017). Roots and Beginnings: Medievalism and National Identity in Daniel Hannan's "How We Invented Freedom and Why It Matters". In: Berns, Ute; Mathieson, Jolene (eds.) Anglistentag 2016 Hamburg: Proceedings of the Conference of the German Association for the Study of English 38 (pp. 119-135). Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier

Berger, Matthias (2017). “This Most Historic of Locations”: Nationhood and Medieval Battle Sites in 21st-Century Switzerland and Britain (Unpublished). In: 32nd International Conference on Medievalism. Salzburg. 16-18 July, 2017.

Berger, Matthias (2017). Political Ages: Medievalism and Nationhood in 21st-Century Swiss and British Politics (Unpublished). In: The Middle Ages in the Modern World (MAMO). Manchester. 28 June-1July, 2017.


Berger, Matthias (23 September 2016). Roots and Beginnings: Medievalism, Nationhood, ‘Freedom’ (Unpublished). In: Anglistentag 2016. Hamburg. 21.–24.09.2016.

Berger, Matthias (26 April 2016). United under One Banner? Medievalism and ‘National’ Memory in 21st-Century Switzerland and Britain (Unpublished). In: Forum GSH (Graduate School of the Humanities) Walter Benjamin Kolleg. Bern. 26.04.2016.

Berger, Matthias (5 March 2016). “Crye Fredome”? Medievalism and Twenty-First-Century Scottish National Identity (Unpublished). In: 18. Studientag zum Englischen Mittelalter (SEM). Bonn, Deutschland. 03.-05.03.2016.


Berger, Matthias (28 May 2015). Retaking the Middle Ages: Medievalism and 'National' Narratives of Migration and Conquest (Unpublished). In: Conquest and Migration (MA Seminar, Dr Katrin Rupp). Neuchâtel, Schweiz. 19.02.- 28.05.2015.

Berger, Matthias (26 March 2015). United under the Banner of Medievalism? The Middle Ages and Post-Medieval National Identities (Unpublished). In: “Natio und Nation. Zur Genese eines Begriffs im Mittelalter” (Ringvorlesung des Berner Mittelalterzentrums). Bern, Schweiz. 26.02.-21.05.2015.


Berger, Matthias (4 December 2014). Shakespeare, the Middle Ages and the Luck of the British: Medievalism and National Identity in The Hollow Crown (2012) (Unpublished). In: Shakespeare's Histories (lecture course, Prof. Indira Ghose). Fribourg, Schweiz. 15.09.-19.12.2014.

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