Bordoli, Andrea

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Bordoli, Andrea (7 March 2024). “Burnt Creek: Extractivisms, ecologies and re-mediations in subarctic Québec” (Unpublished). In: “Images, Sound and performance as ways of knowing”. Venezia. March 2023.


Bordoli, Andrea (5 December 2023). “Ethnography as Literary Form: writing for film” (Unpublished). In: Ethnography as Literary Form, Social Anthropology Department, University of Basel.

Bordoli, Andrea (28 November 2023). “Positionalities: Mediating proximity/distance in ethnographic fieldwork and art practice” (Unpublished). In: Proximity/Distance” interdisciplinary lecture series, departments of Anthropology and Art History, University of Bern.

Bordoli, Andrea (18 November 2023). Lichens, Dust and Iron: Audiovisual explorations of extractivism in Schefferville and Matimekush – Lac John, QC (Unpublished). In: Pushing the Boundaries, Experimenting with the Visual. Toronto. 15-19 November 2023.

Bordoli, Andrea (1 October 2023). Of celluloid, plants, and archival monsters: Leandro Listorti’s HERBARIA. MicroReview Swiss Society for Artistic Research Swiss Society for Artistic Research

Bordoli, Andrea (2023). (Re)Encountering the Field: Past Memories and Early Reflections from Northern Québec Social Anthropology Department, University of Bern

Sarfin, Jonathan Sampson; Bordoli, Andrea; Wagner, Magali Julia; Sánchez Celaya, Maria Georgina (2023). Aesthetics of Regeneration [Performance or Exhibition].

Rippl, Gabriele; Schuppli, Susan; Richter, Virginia; Schneemann, Peter Johannes; Schäuble, Michaela; Mantoan, Diego; Dürbeck, Gabriele; Müller, Timo; Bonifacio, Valentina; Chatterjee, Sria; Bordoli, Andrea; Sánchez Celaya, Maria Georgina; Sarfin, Jonathan Sampson; Wagner, Magali Julia (8 September 2023). Remediations: Ecologies, Encounters, Engagements (Unpublished). In: SNSF Sinergia Project. Bern. 08.09-09.09.2023.


Bordoli, Andrea (10 December 2022). Burnt Creek: Experimental Audio-visual Approaches to Extractivism and Natureculture Assemblages in Schefferville, QC (Unpublished). In: Mediating the Ecological Imperative Midterm Evaluation Workshop.

Bordoli, Andrea (25 April 2022). “Worlding Landscapes in Times of Ecological Crisis: Film, Labor and the Senses” (Unpublished). In: McGill University, Critical Media Lab talk series.

Bordoli, Andrea (3 March 2022). Worlding Extractive Landscapes: experimental filmic approaches (Unpublished). In: “Thinking with Water, Critters and Landscapes: Multimodal Engagements”. March 2022.


Bordoli, Andrea (1 December 2021). STABULUM. Perisistenze Complice Press

Sánchez Celaya, Maria Georgina; Sarfin, Jonathan Sampson; Gustson, Alice; Bordoli, Andrea (18 November 2021). The Ecological Crisis Seen Through a Blueberry Filter (Submitted). In: The Ecological Crisis Seen Through a Blueberry Filter. Stadtgalerie Bern. 18.11.2021.

Bordoli, Andrea (June 2021). Per Voi Oggi La Luce del Sole non Splenderà. L'Atelier Magazine(20), pp. 25-44. L'Atelier Magazine, EPFL

Bordoli, Andrea (27 April 2021). Against Purity: Audiovisual evocations and landscapes of extraction (Unpublished). In: Contamination Interdisciplinary Lecture Series, Mediating the Ecological Imperative Sinergia Project, UniBE.

Bordoli, Andrea (2021). Terra Australis Incognita. In: Antarktikos Magazine 1 (p. 85). Rotterdam: Daarzijn


Bordoli, Andrea (2020). The Depth Beneath, The Height Above. Journal of anthropological films, 4(2) Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA) 10.15845/jaf.v4i02.3040

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