Camenisch, Chantal Eva Maria

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Rohr, Christian; Camenisch, Chantal (18 November 2020). Die klimageschichtliche Datenbank Euro-Climhist – Wege zur Wetternachhersage (Unpublished). In: Vorlesung „Klima und Gesellschaft 1450-1800“. Bielefeld. 18.11.2020.

Camenisch, Chantal; Salvisberg, Melanie (2020). Droughts in Bern and Rouen from the 14th to the beginning of the 18th century derived from documentary evidence. Climate of the past, 16(6), pp. 2173-2182. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/cp-16-2173-2020

Camenisch, Chantal; Huhtamaa, H.; Maughan, N.; Rohr, C. (2020). Historical Climatology in Western and Northern Europe: State of the Art, typical documentary data and methods. Past Global Changes Magazine, 28(2), pp. 38-39. Pages International Project Office 10.22498/pages.28.2.38

Camenisch, Chantal; Brázdil, Rudolf; Kiss, Andrea; Pfister, Christian; Wetter, Oliver; Rohr, Christian; Contino, Antonio; Retsö, Dag (2020). Extreme heat and drought in 1473 and their impacts in Europe in the context of the early 1470s. Regional environmental change, 2020(19), pp. 1-15. Springer 10.1007/s10113-020-01601-0

Rohr, Christian; Camenisch, Chantal Eva Maria (31 January 2020). Städtische Getreidespeicher im Alpenraum als Formen institutioneller Resilienz in Versorgungskrisen, 15. bis frühes 19. Jahrhundert (Unpublished). In: Kolloquium des Leipzig Resilience Hub. Leipzig (via Skype). 30.-31.01.2020.

Bauch, Martin; White, S.; Camenisch, C.; Pei, Q.; Huhtamaa, H. (2020). Integrating documentary evidence into climate reconstruction and impact studies. Past Global Changes Magazine, 28(1), p. 30. Pages International Project Office 10.22498/pages.28.1.30

Camenisch, Chantal (2020). The potential of late medieval and early modern narrative sources from the area of modern Switzerland for the climate history of the fourteenth century. In: Bauch, Martin; Schenk, Gerrit Jasper (eds.) The crisis of the 14th century: Teleconnections between environmental and societal change? Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung. Beihefte: Vol. 13 (pp. 43-61). Berlin: De Gruyter


Camenisch, Chantal Eva Maria (8 November 2019). Bayesian approach and its application on existing data (Unpublished). In: CRIAS 2nd workshop: Integrating documentary evidence into climate reconstruction and impact studies. Leipzig.

Camenisch, Chantal Eva Maria; Rohr, Christian (25 October 2019). Die Rolle von Getreidehandel, Getreidelagerung und Getreidespeichern im Rahmen der Klimaadaption im Alpenraum und den umliegenden Regionen (14.–18. Jh.) (Unpublished). In: 2. Mitgliederversammlung des Leipzig Resilience Hub. Leipzig.

Camenisch, Chantal; Salvisberg, Melanie (2019). Droughts in Bern and in Rouen from the 14th to the beginning of the 18th century. Climate of the past discussions Copernicus Publications 10.5194/cp-2019-114

Camenisch, Chantal Eva Maria (23 August 2019). Climate impacts on the society in Rouen during the Little Ice Age (LIA) (Unpublished). In: 10th European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) Conference. Tallinn.

Camenisch, Chantal Eva Maria (3 July 2019). Coping with extreme weather conditions: Strategies of the city government of Rouen during the Late Middle Ages (Unpublished). In: International Medieval Congress 2019. Leeds. 1.-4. Juli 2019.

Camenisch, Chantal; Bauch, Martin; Huhtamaa, Heli; Pei, Qing; White, Sam (2019). Climate reconstruction and impacts from the archives of societies (CRIAS). Past Global Changes Magazine, 27(2), p. 73. Pages International Project Office 10.22498/pages.27.2.73

Camenisch, Chantal (2019). Cold, rain, and famine: Three subsistence crises in the Burgundian Low Countries during the fifteenth century. In: Walton, Steven A. (ed.) Fifty years of Medieval technology and social change (pp. 187-197). London: Routledge

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