Chakraborty, Sumita

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Journal Article

Chakraborty, Sumita; Affolter, Michael; Gunderson, Kurt; Neubert, Jakob; Thomas, Nicolas; Beck, Thomas; Gerber, Michael; Graf, Stefan; Piazza, Daniele; Pommerol, Antoine; Röthlisberger, Guillaume; Seiferlin, Karsten (2012). High accuracy alignment facility for the receiver and transmitter of the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter. Applied optics, 51(20), pp. 4907-4915. Washington, D.C.: Optical Society of America 10.1364/AO.51.004907

Pommerol, Antoine; Chakraborty, Sumita; Thomas, Nicolas (2012). Comparative study of the surface roughness of the Moon, Mars and Mercury. Planetary and space science, 73(1), pp. 287-293. Elsevier 10.1016/j.pss.2012.08.020

Thomas, N.; Beck, T.; Chakraborty, S.; Gerber, M.; Graf, S.; Piazza, D.; Röthlisberger, G. (2011). A Wide-beam Continuous Solar Simulator for Simulating the Solar flux at the Orbit of Mercury. Measurement science & technology, 22(6), p. 65903. Bristol: Institute of Physics Publishing IOP 10.1088/0957-0233/22/6/065903

Seiferlin, Karsten; Chakraborty, Sumita; Gunderson, Kurt; Piazza, Daniele; Rieder, Martin; Sigrist, Martin; Thomas, Nicolas; Weigel, Thomas (2007). Design and manufacture of a lightweight reflective baffle for the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter. Optical engineering, 46(4), p. 43003. Bellingham, Wash.: SPIE 10.1117/1.2722314

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