Churakova, Olga

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Churakova, Olga (6 December 2023). Open research data in clinical studies. In: DCR Day of Clinical Research.

Churakova, Olga; Schreier, Gero (17 November 2023). How to efficiently document research data. In: How to.

Churakova, Olga; Bamert, Manuela (7 November 2023). How to comply with the Swiss National Science Foundation Open Access and Open Research Data Requirements. In: How to.

Churakova, Olga (2 November 2023). How to comply with NIH Policy on Data Management and Sharing Plans. In: How to.

Churakova, Olga; Krebs, Christine (19 October 2023). How to manage research data ethically.

Wegmann, Martin; Churakova, Olga (October 2023). Data Stewards: domain-specific research data management support at UniBE.

Churakova, Olga; Loosli, Ursula; Morger, Jennifer; Schreier, Gero; Verdicchio, Dirk (5 May 2023). Ethical aspects in research data management (Unpublished). In: Bern Data Science Day. University of Bern. 05.05.2023.

Churakova, Olga; Loosli, Ursula; Morger, Jennifer; Schreier, Gero; Verdicchio, Dirk (26 April 2023). Subject-specific RDM support at the University of Bern (Unpublished). In: Swissuniversities: Postersession im Rahmen der Ausschreibung B5.2 des Programms Open Science I, Phase B – ORD: Massnahmenpläne zum Aufbau von Data Stewardship. University of Bern. 26.4.2023.

Churakova, Olga (28 June 2022). Ethics in research data management (Unpublished). In: SFUVET National research day. Luzern. 28.06.2022.

Churakova, Olga; Schreier, Gero; Wermelinger, Julia Klara; Loosli, Ursula; Morger, Jennifer; Suntharam, Sumanghalyah; Verdicchio, Dirk (6 May 2022). BORIS Portal, the institutional research data and project repository: New opportunities and perspectives (Unpublished). In: Bern Data Science Day 2022. University of Bern. 06 May 2022.

Schreier, Gero; Churakova, Olga; Loosli, Ursula; Morger, Jennifer; Verdicchio, Dirk (2022). BORIS Portal. A current research information system and its role for the reusability of datasets. In: IDCC 22 -- 17th International Digital Curation Conference. online. 13-16 June 2022.

Churakova, Olga (30 September 2021). BORIS Portal Research Data, Projects and Funding. In: UB Bern Open Science: Research Data Management.

Churakova, Olga (21 September 2021). BORIS Portal: Research Data, Projects and Fundings. In: UB Bern Open Science: Research Data Management.

Churakova, Olga; Schreier, Gero (14 September 2021). Data quality and metadata standards. (Unpublished). In: Open Science Research Data Management Workshop.

Churakova, Olga; Schreier, Gero (2021). How to manage research data ethically? In: Workshop: How to manage research data ethically. 07.09.2021.

Churakova, Olga V.; Farquet, Romaine; Troche, Stefan (18 September 2020). Research data management in Education, Psychology and Sport Sciences at the Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland (Unpublished). In: Research Data Support Network. University of Bern. 29.09.2020.

Churakova, Olga; Farquet, Romaine (25 August 2020). FOMA-Atelier SNF-Anträge: "Lessons learned" (2019/2020) (Unpublished). In: FOMA Atelier. Universität Bern. 25.08.2020.

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