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Dennstädt, Fabio; Putora, Paul Martin; Heuser, Michael; Vlaskou Badra, Eugenia; Baumert, Brigitta Gertrud; Leiser, Dominic; Cihoric, Nikola (2023). Extraction of interoperable data from healthcare documents by identifying Common Data Elements: an analysis of Radiation Therapy Planning CT Physician Order Entry records. (In Press). Oncology Karger 10.1159/000534204

Stutz, Emanuel; Fürstner, Markus; Reist, Markus; Beer, Ingrid; Graber, Michele; Bachmann, Nicolas; Varatharajan, Abirramy; Cihoric, Nikola; Manser, Peter; Aebersold, D. M. (18 September 2023). An in-house deep HT treatment report form for the radiative deep HT device ALBA4D allowing for treatment prescription, reporting and treatment comparisons at a glance. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, 11(199), pp. 1058-1059. Springer

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Riggenbach, Elena; Lössl, Kristina; Hong-Linh, Ha; Blatti, Marcela Judith; Aebersold, Daniel Matthias; Cihoric, Nikola (17 January 2023). Postmarketing usability evaluation of intra-uterine brachytherapy applicators–implications on quality and safety. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, p. 220. Springer

Riggenbach, Elena; Blatti, Marcela Judith; Cihoric, Nikola; Aebersold, Daniel Matthias; Lössl, Kristina (17 January 2023). Patterns of failure after image-guided brachytherapy: a retrospective swiss cervical cancer cohort study. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, p. 221. Springer

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Nairz, Knud; Németh, Bence; Cihoric, Nikola (July 2022). Standardizing Workflow Nomenclature in Radiology (Unpublished). In: ECR 2022.

Cihoric, Nikola; Vlaskou Badra, Eugenia; Stenger-Weisser, Anna; Aebersold, Daniel M.; Pavic, Matea (2022). Toward Data-Driven Radiation Oncology Using Standardized Terminology as a Starting Point: Cross-sectional Study. JMIR formative research, 6(1), e27550. JMIR Publications 10.2196/27550


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