Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik

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Häberli, Dario; Saeli, Christoph; Heinzle, Christine; Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Schindewolf, Marc; Baumgartner, Iris; Drexel, Heinz (November 2019). The effects of PAD, CAD and T2DM on cardiovascular risk: A prospective cohort study (Unpublished). In: 20. Unionstagung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaften für Gefässkrankheiten. Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern. 13.-15. November 2019.


Drexel, Heinz; Rosano, Giuseppe M C; Lewis, Basil S; Huber, Kurt; Vonbank, Alexander; Dopheide, Jörn F.; Mader, Arthur; Niessner, Alexander; Savarese, Gianluigi; Wassmann, Sven; Agewall, Stefan (2020). The age of RCT`s 3 Important Aspects of RCT`s in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy with examples from Lipid and Diabetes Trials. European heart journal - cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, 6(2), pp. 97-103. Oxford University Press 10.1093/ehjcvp/pvz029

Dopheide, Jörn F; Veit, Jonas; Ramadani, Hana; Adam, Luise; Papac, Lucija; Vonbank, Alexander; Kaspar, Mathias; Rastan, Aljoscha; Baumgartner, Iris; Drexel, Heinz (2019). Adherence to statin therapy favours survival of patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease. (In Press). European heart journal - cardiovascular pharmacotherapy Oxford University Press 10.1093/ehjcvp/pvz081

Sebastian, Tim; Spirk, David; Engelberger, Rolf P; Dopheide, Jörn F.; Baumann, Frederic A; Barco, Stefano; Spescha, Rebecca; Leeger, Claudia; Kucher, Nils (2019). Incidence of Stent Thrombosis after Endovascular Treatment of Iliofemoral or Caval Veins in Patients with the Postthrombotic Syndrome. Thrombosis and haemostasis, 119(12), pp. 2064-2073. Thieme 10.1055/s-0039-1697955

Haine, Axel; Schmid, Martin J; Schindewolf, Marc; Lenz, Armando; Bernhard, Sarah M.; Drexel, Heinz; Baumgartner, Iris; Dopheide, Jörn F. (2019). Comparison Between Interwoven Nitinol and Drug Eluting Stents for Endovascular Treatment of Femoropopliteal Artery Disease. European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery EJVES, 58(6), pp. 865-873. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ejvs.2019.09.002

Leiherer, Andreas; Muendlein, Axel; Christoph H, Saely; Reijo, Laaksonen; Mita, Lääperi; Alexander, Vonbank; Mader, Arthur; Fraunberger, Peter; Baumgartner, Iris; Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Drexel, Heinz (11 November 2019). Serum Ceramides and Type 2 Diabetes Are Mutually Independent Predictors of Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease. Circulation, Vol. 140(Suppl_1). American Heart Association, Inc

Vonbank, Alexander; Drexel, Heinz; Agewall, Stefan; Lewis, Basil S; Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Kjeldsen, Keld; Ceconi, Claudio; Savarese, Gianluigi; Rosano, Giuseppe; Wassmann, Sven; Niessner, Alexander; Andersen Schmidt, Thomas; Saely, Christoph H; Baumgartner, Iris; Tamargo, Juan (2018). Reasons for Disparity in Statin Adherence Rates between Clinical Trials and Real World Observations. A Review. European heart journal - cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, 4(4), pp. 230-236. Oxford University Press 10.1093/ehjcvp/pvy028

Blum, Manuel R; Gencer, Baris; Adam, Luise; Feller, Martin; Collet, Tinh-Hai; Da Costa, Bruno R; Moutzouri, Elisavet; Dopheide, Jörn; Depairon, Michèle; Sykiotis, Gerasimos P; Kearney, Patricia; Gussekloo, Jacobijn; Westendorp, Rudi; Stott, David J; Bauer, Douglas C; Rodondi, Nicolas (2018). Impact of Thyroid Hormone Therapy on Atherosclerosis in the Elderly with Subclinical Hypothyroidism: A Randomized Trial. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 103(8), pp. 2988-2997. The Endocrine Society 10.1210/jc.2018-00279

Sebastian, Tim; Dopheide, Jörn F.; Engelberger, Rolf P.; Spirk, David; Kucher, Nils (2018). Outcomes of endovascular reconstruction of the inferior vena cava with self-expanding nitinol stents. Journal of vascular surgery. Venous and lymphatic disorder, 6(3), pp. 312-320. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jvsv.2017.11.012

Dopheide, Jörn F.; Sebastian, Tim; Engelberger, Rolf P; Haine, Axel; Kucher, Nils (2018). Early clinical outcomes of a novel rheolytic directional thrombectomy technique for patients with iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis. Vasa - European journal of vascular medicine, 47(1), pp. 56-62. Huber 10.1024/0301-1526/a000666

Dopheide, Jörn F.; Papac, Lucija; Schindewolf, Marc; Baumgartner, Iris; Drexel, Heinz (2018). Poor attainment of lipid targets in patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease. Journal of clinical lipidology, 12(3), pp. 711-717. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jacl.2018.02.013

Steven, Sebastian; Daiber, Andreas; Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Münzel, Thomas; Espinola-Klein, Christine (2017). Peripheral artery disease, redox signaling, oxidative stress - Basic and clinical aspects. Redox biology, 12, pp. 787-797. Elsevier 10.1016/j.redox.2017.04.017

Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Rubrech, Jennifer; Trumpp, Amelie; Geissler, Philipp; Zeller, Geraldine C; Schnorbus, Boris; Schmidt, Frank; Gori, Tommaso; Münzel, Thomas; Espinola-Klein, Christine (2017). Supervised exercise training in peripheral arterial disease increases vascular shear stress and profunda femoral artery diameter. European journal of preventive cardiology, 24(2), pp. 178-191. SAGE Publications 10.1177/2047487316665231

Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Rubrech, Jennifer; Trumpp, Amelie; Geissler, Philip; Zeller, Geraldine C; Bock, Karsten; Dünschede, Friedrich; Trinh, Tran Tong; Dorweiler, Bernhard; Münzel, Thomas; Radsak, Markus P; Espinola-Klein, Christine (2016). Leukocyte-platelet aggregates-a phenotypic characterization of different stages of peripheral arterial disease. Platelets, 27(7), pp. 658-667. Informa Healthcare 10.3109/09537104.2016.1153619

Schmidt, Cornelia S; Aranda Lopez, Pamela; Dopheide, Jörn Fredrik; Schmidt, Frank; Theobald, Matthias; Schild, Hansjörg; Lauinger-Lörsch, Evi; Nolte, Florian; Radsak, Markus P (2016). Phenotypic and functional characterization of neutrophils and monocytes from patients with myelodysplastic syndrome by flow cytometry. Cellular immunology, 308, pp. 19-26. Elsevier 10.1016/j.cellimm.2016.07.005

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