Ekici, Sait Altug

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Frischknecht, Tobias; Ekici, Altug; Joos, Fortunat (2022). Radiocarbon in the Land and Ocean Components of the Community Earth System Model. Global biogeochemical cycles, 36(1) American Geophysical Union 10.1029/2021GB007042


Lee, Hanna; Muri, Helene; Ekici, Altug; Tjiputra, Jerry; Schwinger, Jörg (2021). The response of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling under different aerosol-based radiation management geoengineering. Earth system dynamics, 12(1), pp. 313-326. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/esd-12-313-2021


Ekici, Altug; Lee, Hanna; Lawrence, David M.; Swenson, Sean C.; Prigent, Catherine (2019). Ground subsidence effects on simulating dynamic high-latitude surface inundation under permafrost thaw using CLM5. Geoscientific model development (GMD), 12(12), pp. 5291-5300. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/gmd-12-5291-2019

Lee, Hanna; Ekici, Altug; Tjiputra, Jerry; Muri, Helene; Chadburn, Sarah E.; Lawrence, David M.; Schwinger, Jörg (2019). The Response of Permafrost and High‐Latitude Ecosystems under Large‐Scale Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and its Termination. Earth's future, 7(6), pp. 605-614. Wiley 10.1029/2018EF001146


Gasser, T.; Kechiar, M.; Ciais, P.; Burke, E. J.; Kleinen, T.; Zhu, D.; Huang, Y.; Ekici, A.; Obersteiner, M. (2018). Path-dependent reductions in CO2 emission budgets caused by permafrost carbon release. Nature geoscience, 11(11), pp. 830-835. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/s41561-018-0227-0

Beer, Christian; Porada, Philipp; Ekici, Altug; Brakebusch, Matthias (2018). Effects of short-term variability of meteorological variables on soil temperature in permafrost regions. The Cryosphere, 12(2), pp. 741-757. Copernicus Publications 10.5194/tc-12-741-2018


Burke, Eleanor J.; Ekici, Altug; Huang, Ye; Chadburn, Sarah E.; Huntingford, Chris; Ciais, Philippe; Friedlingstein, Pierre; Peng, Shushi; Krinner, Gerhard (2017). Quantifying uncertainties of permafrost carbon-climate feedbacks. Biogeosciences, 14(12), pp. 3051-3066. European Geosciences Union 10.5194/bg-14-3051-2017

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