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Etienne, Noémie (23 May 2019). Diorama between Relocation and Dislocation (Unpublished). In: Period Rooms as Hubs of Cultural Transfer. Ruhr-Universität, Bochum.

Etienne, Noémie (9 May 2019). Conservation, Connoisseurship, and Conflict : The Politics and Materiality of Expertise (Unpublished). In: The Making of Art Expertise. Changing Practices of Art History and Conservation, 1850-1950. Utrecht University.

Etienne, Noémie (3 May 2019). Looking, Touching, Unfolding. Understanding Material Culture through Qualitative Analysis (Unpublished). In: Doing Consumer History: Empirical Sources and Methodological Challenges. Bern University.

Etienne, Noémie (12 February 2019). Liotard and the Exotic (Unpublished). In: Guest Lecture at Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florence.

Etienne, Noémie (2019). À la lisière du diorama: imitation et immersion à New York autour de 1900. In: Sohier, Estelle; Gillet, Alexandre; Stazak, Jean-François (eds.) Simulations du monde : Panoramas, parcs à thème et autres dispositifs immersifs (pp. 127-144). Geneva: MétisPresses

Etienne, Noémie (2019). Through the Looking Glass. The Unseen Material of Dioramas (Unpublished). In: The Diorama. Thinking/Through. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. 5-7 déc. 2019.


Etienne, Noémie (November 2018). Rembrandt: Materiality and Temporality (Unpublished). In: Rembrandt Conservation International Conference. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. 8 and 9 November 2018.

Etienne, Noémie (22 June 2018). Liotard and the Pineapple. The Exotic in Geneva before 1800 (Unpublished). In: Pineapple, the King of Fruit, conférence internationale. Château de Versailles, Versailles.

Etienne, Noémie; Lee, Chonja; Brizon, Claire (19 February 2018). Exoticizing in the Enligthenement (Unpublished). In: Brown Bag Lunch Series. Bard Graduate Center, New York. 19.02.2018.

Etienne, Noémie (18 January 2018). Edited Objects. A Material Reception of Lacquer in the 18th Century (Unpublished). In: European Lacquer in Context. Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK/IRPA), Brussels. 18.-19.01.2018.

Etienne, Noémie (2018). Dioramen. Wenn Aussenräume mit Musemsräumen verschmelzen. In: Goettler, Christine; Schneemann, Peter; Borkopp-Restle, Birgitte; Gramaccini, Norberto; Marx, Peter W.; Nicolai, Bernd (eds.) Reading Room. Re-lektüren des Innenraums, (pp. 44-51). Berlin: De Gruyter

Etienne, Noémie (2018). When Things do Talk (in Storage). Materiality and Agency between Contact and Conflict Zones. In: Grave, Johannes; Holm, Christiane; Kobi, Valérie; Caroline, Eck (eds.) The Agency of Displays. Objects, Framing and Parerga. Parerga and paratexts how things enter language : practices and forms of presentation in Goethe's collections: Vol. 2 (pp. 165-177). Dresden: Sandstein

Etienne, Noémie (2018). Transactions and Translations. The Trade for Non-European Artefacts in Paris and Versailles. In: Guichard, Charlotte; Howald, Christine (eds.) Acquiring Cultures. Histories of World Art on Western Markets (pp. 16-29). Berlin: De Gruyter

Etienne, Noémie; Radwan, Nadia (2018). Introduction. L’art du diorama (1700-2000). Culture et Musée. Muséologie et recherche sur la culture, 32, pp. 11-23. Actes Sud

Etienne, Noémie; Lee, Chonja (2018). Lüster, Lack und Liotard : Techniken und Texturen zwischen Asien und Europa. Kunst + Architektur in der Schweiz k+a, 2018(1), pp. 4-11. Gesellschaft für Schweizerische Kunstgeschichte

Etienne, Noémie (2018). Dioramas à hauteur d’enfant. In: Bondaz, Julien (ed.) Le magasin des petits explorateurs (pp. 222-226). Arles: Musée du Quai Branly, Jacques Chirac


Etienne, Noémie (20 September 2017). Unfolding the Specimen. Displays and Dioramas (Unpublished). In: Collections, Displays & the Agency of Objects.

Etienne, Noémie (10 July 2017). La reproduction par contact. Paysages et visages dans les dioramas à New York (Unpublished). In: Les tableaux vivants, contre-modèles de la reproductibilité technique?.

Etienne, Noémie (10 March 2017). Des praticiens frontières. Art, artisanat et anthropologie. Paysages et visages dans les dioramas à New York (Unpublished). In: Petites mains d’artistes dans les pratiques scientifiques.

Etienne, Noémie (3 March 2017). Assembling Asia. Asiatic Lacquers and French Furnitures (Unpublished). In: Nomadic Objects. Material Circulations, Appropriations, and the Formation of Identities in Early Modern Europe.

Etienne, Noémie (20 February 2017). Crafting Authenticity in Arthur Parker’s Dioramas (Unpublished). In: Art History Department, Lunchtime Talk with Ruth Phillips.

Etienne, Noémie (2017). The Restoration of Paintings in Paris, 1750-1815. Practice, Discourse, Materiality. Los Angeles: Getty Publications

Etienne, Noémie (2017). Dioramas in the Making, Caspar Mayer and Franz Boas in the Contact Zone(s). Getty Research Journal(9), pp. 57-74. Getty Research Institute

Etienne, Noémie (2017). Activisme et Dioramas. Un siècle d'histoires made in USA. Revue culture et musées(28), pp. 203-223. Actes Sud

Etienne, Noémie; Martin, Meredith (eds.) (2017). Lifelike, (3).

Etienne, Noémie (2017). La matérialité politique des dioramas. In: Diorama (pp. 186-193). Flammarion

Etienne, Noémie (2017). Dioramas, Before and After. Journal18 : a journal of eighteenth-century art and culture, 2017 Department of Art History, New York University

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