Flood, Finbarr Barry

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Flood, Finbarr Barry; Fricke, Beate (2023). Tales Things Tell: Material Histories of Early Globalisms (In Press). Princeton University Press

Fricke, Beate; Flood, Finbarr Barry (2022). Premodern Globalism in Art History: A Conversation. The art bulletin, 104 Taylor & Francis

Flood, Finbarr Barry (29 September 2022). Legalism, Iconoclasm, and Anti-Colonialism – Other Statue Histories (Unpublished). In: Rethinking Arab History, Society, and Culture - A Conference in Honor of Aziz Al-Azmeh. Central European University, Vienna. 29.09.2022.

Flood, Finbarr Barry (28 September 2022). Imbibing the Image, Touching the Text – Sensory Dimensions of Medieval Islam (Unpublished). In: Öffentlicher Vortrag, keynote. VI. Forum Kunst des Mittelalters, Frankfurt am Main. 28.09.2022.

Flood, Finbarr Barry (26 September 2022). From Solomon’s Library to the Louvre: Genealogies of an Islamic Magic-Medicinal Bowl (Unpublished). In: Öffentlicher Vortrag. Chester Beaty Library, Dublin. 26.09.2022.

Flood, Finbarr Barry (16 March 2022). Beyond the “Bilderverbot” – From Tactile Piety to Floral Figures in the Arts of Islam (Unpublished). In: Abendvortrag begleitend zur Ausstellung "Im Namen des Bildes" Das Bild zwischen Kult und Verbot in Islam und Christentum". Museum Rietberg, Zürich. 16.03.2022.

Flood, Finbarr Barry (2022). Islam and Image: Paradoxical Histories. In: In the Name of the Image: Figurative Representation in Islamic and Christian Cultures (pp. 301-318). Hatje Cantz

Flood, Finbarr Barry (2022). Reuse and Recycling in the Islamic Lands. In: Recycling Beauty. Fondazione Prada

Flood, Finbarr Barry (2022). "Globalism". October, 180(Spring), pp. 29-33. MIT Press

Flood, Finbarr Barry (2022). Entry "Sandale". In: Les Choses. Paris: Liénart / Musée du Louvre Éditions

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