Gösken, Urs

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Gösken, Urs (2016). The Perception of Heidegger‘s Philosophy as Non-Reductionist by Iranian 20th Century Intellectuals (Unpublished). In: Eleventh Biennial Iranian Studies Conference. University of Vienna. 02.-05.08.2016.

Gösken, Urs (2016). Heidegger reception in Iran: Recent Iranian Intellectual History between Metaphysics and Critique of Metaphysics (Unpublished). In: 8. Schweizerische Nachwuchstagung der Asien- und Orientwissenschaften [Conference of Junior Scientists]. Puidoux/Switzerland. 27.-29.04.2016.

Gösken, Urs (2015). The Reception of Heidegger in Iran and Its Impact on Modern Iranian Intellectual History (Unpublished). In: Symposia Iranica, Second Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies. University of Cambridge. 08.-09.04.2015.

Gösken, Urs (2014). Michaelsen, Marcus: Wir sind die Medien. Internet und politischer Wandel in Iran [We are the Media. Internet and Political Change in Iran] (Bielefeld 2013). Asiatische Studien / Etudes asiatiques AS/EA, 68(1), pp. 423-426. De Gruyter 10.1515/asia-2014-0013

Gösken, Urs (2012). 'Arabic' perception of Persian words by Persian speakers themselves (Unpublished). In: International Conference ‘Language Empires in Comparative Perspective'. University of Bremen, Germany. 03.-07.03.2012.

Gösken, Urs (2008). Iran’s Nuclear Program and Its Fallout in Domestic and Foreign Politics. SGMOIK-Bulletin / SSMOCI bulletin, 26, pp. 45-56. Schweizerische Gesellschaft Mittlerer Osten und Islamische Kulturen SGMOIK

Gösken, Urs (1997). Islamic Calligraphy: A Modern Art with Tradition. SGMOIK-Bulletin / SSMOCI bulletin, 4, pp. 11-16. Schweizerische Gesellschaft Mittlerer Osten und Islamische Kulturen SGMOIK


Moser, Kata; Gösken, Urs; Hayes, Josh Michael (eds.) (2019). Heidegger in the Islamicate World. New Heidegger Research. London, New York: Rowman & Littlefield International

Gösken, Urs (2016). Negotiation of Human: Non-Human as a Question of Meaning in 20th Century Iranian Authenticity Discourse (Submitted). In: International conference ‚Human: Non-Human – Bodies, Things, and Matter across Asia and Europe. University of Zurich. 06.-08.10.2016.

Gösken, Urs (2016). Perception of Western Modernity in the Light of Ṣadrāism: Moḥammad Ḥoseyn Ṭabāṭabāʾī's and Mortażā Moṭahharī's critique of Modern Western Philosophy. International Journal of Persian Literature, 1(1), pp. 142-163. Pennsylvania State University Press 10.5325/intejperslite.1.1.0142

Gösken, Urs (2015). ‘To mean or not to mean?’ as the underlying question of Western inspired counter Enlightenment discourse in Iran (Unpublished). In: Gingko Library – British Institute of Persian Studies Conference on 1906 Iran Revolution and the Narratives of the Enlightenment. London. 14.-16.09.2015.

Gösken, Urs (2008). Tendenzen der Westwahrnehmung bei iranischen Intellektuellen. Asiatische Studien / Etudes asiatiques AS/EA, 62(1), pp. 323-353. de Gruyter 10.5169/seals-147776

Gösken, Urs (2008). Tendencies in the Perception of the West by Iranian Intellectuals (Unpublished). In: Deutsche Orientalistentage. University of Freiburg, Germany. 27.-29.09.2008.

Gösken, Urs (2007). Tendencies in the Perception of the West by Iranian Intellectuals (Unpublished). In: Nachwuchsförderungstage [Conference of Junior Scientists] der Schweizerischen Asien-Gesellschaft. University of Basel/Switzerland. 23.-26.05.2007.

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