Gerber, Pascal

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Gerber, Pascal (27 November 2020). A Comparative Field Report on Mewahang (Kiranti) (Unpublished). In: 41st Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Nepal. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. 26. - 27.11.20.

Gerber, Pascal (3 October 2020). First person singular indexation in Mewahang (Kiranti) (Unpublished). In: 53rd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics. University of North Texas, Denton. 2. - 4. Oktober.

Gerber, Pascal (2020). Areal features in Gongduk, Bjokapakha and Black Mountain Mönpa phonology. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman area, 43(1), pp. 55-86. John Benjamins 10.1075/ltba.18015.ger


Gerber, Pascal (10 January 2019). Gongduk agreement morphology in functional and diachronic perspective (Unpublished). In: ISBS (International Society of Bhutan Studies) Inaugural Conference. Magdalen College, University of Oxford. 10. Januar 2019.

Hwang, Hyun Kyung; Lee, Seunghun J.; Gerber, Pascal; Grollmann, Selin (2019). Laryngeal Contrast and Tone in Tamang: An Analysis Based on a New Set of Tamang Data. Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan, 2019(23), pp. 41-50. Nihon Onsei Gakkai


Hwang, Hyun Kyung; Lee, Seunghun Julio; Grollmann, Selin; Gerber, Pascal (15 September 2018). Laryngeal contrast and tone in Tamang: A preliminary study (Unpublished). In: The Thirty-Second General Meeting of the Phonetic Society of Japan. Okinawa International University. 15. - 16.09.2018.

Gerber, Pascal; Grollmann, Selin (2018). What is Kiranti? A Critical Account. Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics, 11(1-2), pp. 99-152. Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics 10.1163/2405478X-01101010

Grollmann, Selin; Gerber, Pascal (2018). Linguistic evidence for a closer relationship between Lhokpu and Dhimal: Including some remarks on the Dhimalish subgroup. Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale, 2018(48), pp. 1-96. Brill 10.1163/19606028-04701004


Funk, Damian Nicholas; Gerber, Pascal; Grollmann, Selin; Mittaz, Corinne Catherine; Plachtzik, Kai Simon; Rawyler, Nicolai Timon; Rüfenacht, Sara; Waldis, Sereina (25 May 2017). Aspects of Brokpa phonology (Unpublished). In: 61. Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft (StuTS). Zürich. 25. - 27.05.2017.

Gerber, Pascal (2017). The Dene-Kusunda Hypothesis: A Critical Account. Man In India : an international journal of anthropology, 97(1), pp. 111-204. Serials Publications


Gerber, Pascal; Gerber, Tanja; Grollmann, Selin (1 December 2016). Links between Lhokpu and Kiranti ‒ some observations. In: Kiranti Workshop, CNRS Université Paris Diderot. Paris: CNRS Université Paris Diderot

Grollmann, Selin; Gerber, Pascal (9 June 2016). Lhokpu morphology: a first functional and comparative account (Unpublished). In: 22th Himalayan Languages Symposium. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. 08. - 10.07.2016.


van Driem, George; Gerber, Pascal; Camenisch, Silvana; Grollmann, Selin (16 July 2014). Gongduk Nominal Morphology and the phylogenetic position of Gongduk (Unpublished). In: 20th Himalayan Languages Symposium. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 16.07.2014.

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