Gmür, Désirée Ruth

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Gmür, Désirée; Haller, Tobias (2023). Resetting the forestry commons: Constitutionality as a conflict resolution strategy in African woodlands. Forest policy and economics, 153, pp. 1-9. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.forpol.2023.102965


Gmür, Désirée; Haller, Tobias; Champion, Louis (eds.) (2022). Special Issue "The Past and the Present of Food Sustainability and Resilience of Local Food Production". MDPI

Gmür, D.; Felber, S.; Owolodun, B.; Ollier, C.; Camara, L.; Beye, A.; Haller, T. (2022). 4. Climate change, vulnerability of food systems and institutional transformations in Senegal. In: Bruce, Donald; Bruce, Ann (eds.) EurSafe 2022. Transforming food systems: ethics, innovation and responsibility (pp. 40-45). The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers 10.3920/978-90-8686-939-8_4


Gmür, Désirée (26 October 2021). The impact of Ndieael Special Reserve and Senhuile agricultural investment on local food production systems, food security and resilience in Senegal. (Unpublished). In: Anthropology and Conservation Conference. Online. 25. - 29. Oktober 2021.

Gmür, Désirée (22 October 2021). Continuities, ruptures and transformations of local food systems: The impact of agro-industrial developments and climate change on household nutrition, food sustainability and food security among Fulani groups in the Senegal River Valley. (Unpublished). In: Sinergia Projekt: Foodways in West Africa: An integrated approach on pots, animals and plants. Universität Bern. 22.10-23.10.2021.


Haller, Tobias; Gmür, Désirée Ruth; Merten, S.; Felber, Selina Chiara; Owolodun, Babatunde (29 October 2020). Foodways Sinergia Project meeting Food systems in Senegal (Unpublished). In: Foodways Sinergia Project meeting Food systems in Senegal. online. 29. Oktober 2020.

Gmür, Désirée (2020). Not Affected the Same Way: Gendered Outcomes for Commons and Resilience Grabbing by Large-Scale Forest Investors in Tanzania. Land, 9(4), pp. 1-17. MDPI 10.3390/land9040122


Haller, Tobias; Adams, Timothy; Gmür, Désirée Ruth; Käser, Fabian David; Lanz, Kristina Verena; Marfurt, Franziska; Ryser, Sarah; Schubiger, Elisabeth; von Sury, Anna Asha; Gerber, Jean-David (2019). Large Scale Land Acquisition as Commons Grabbing: A comparative study on cases from Africa. In: Lozny, Ludomir R.; McGovern, Thomas (eds.) Global Perspectives on Long Term Community Resource Management. Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation: Vol. 11 (pp. 125-164). Berlin, New York: Springer International Publishing

Gmür, Désirée (2019). Grabbing the female commons: large-scale land acquisitions for forest plantations and impacts on gender relations in Kilolo district, Iringa Region, Tanzania. In: Haller, Tobias; Breu, Thomas; De Moor, Tine; Rohr, Christian; Znoj, Heinzpeter (eds.) The Commons in a Glocal World: Global Connections and Local Responses (pp. 301-317). New York: Routledge

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