Gubler, Moritz Raffael

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Burger, Moritz; Gubler, Moritz; Brönnimann, Stefan; Vicedo-Cabrera, Ana; Winkel, Mirko (2022). Berns Westen im (Klima-) Wandel. Wie sich Stadtentwicklung und Klimawandel auf das sommerliche Mikroklima auswirken. Fachbeitrag zu Berner Geographische Mitteilungen 2021 (Reihe G Grundlagenforschung G99). Bern: Geographica Bernensia 10.4480/GB2022.G99

Probst, Matthias; Gubler, Moritz; Weingartner, Rolf (December 2020). Umgang mit Risiken in Zeiten des Wandels: Klimabedingte Herausforderungen in alpinen und urbanen Lebensräumen. Geographie heute, 2020(351), pp. 33-37. Friedrich

Burger, Moritz; Gubler, Moritz (October 2020). Der Berner Stadthitze auf der Spur - Stadtforschung aus klimatologischer Perspektive. GeoAgenda(3), pp. 4-9.

Probst, Matthias; Gubler, Moritz (2019). Klimawandel und Klimapolitik [Textbook] . éducation21

Probst, Matthias; Gubler, Moritz (2019). Klimawandel und Klimapolitik. Informationen für Lehrpersonen [Textbook] . éducation21

Brügger, Adrian; Gubler, Moritz Raffael (23 November 2019). Key factors for participation in youth climate strikes in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: 17th Swiss Geoscience Meeting. 22.-23.11.2019. Fribourg/Suisse.

Brügger, Adrian; Gubler, Moritz Raffael (6 September 2019). To strike or not to strike? Motives of young strikers and non-strikers in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP). Plymouth. 04.-06.09.2019.


Burger, Moritz; Gubler, Moritz; Brönnimann, Stefan (2022). Modeling the intra-urban nocturnal summertime air temperature fields at a daily basis in a city with complex topography. PLoS climate, 1(12), e0000089. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pclm.0000089

Hürzeler, André; Hollósi, Brigitta; Burger, Moritz; Gubler, Moritz; Brönnimann, Stefan (2022). Performance analysis of the urban climate model MUKLIMO_3 for three extreme heatwave events in Bern. City and environment interactions, 16, p. 100090. Elsevier 10.1016/j.cacint.2022.100090

Gubler, Moritz; Cologna, Viktoria; Moser, Stephanie; Probst, Matthias; Linsbauer, Andreas (November 2021). Tackling the Climate Crisis: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change Education and Communication. In: Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2021. Geneva. 19-20 November.

Burger, Moritz; Gubler, Moritz; Heinimann, Andreas; Brönnimann, Stefan (2021). Modelling the spatial pattern of heatwaves in the city of Bern using a land use regression approach. Urban climate, 38, p. 100885. Elsevier 10.1016/j.uclim.2021.100885

Gubler, Moritz; Christen, Andreas; Remund, Jan; Brönnimann, Stefan (2021). Evaluation and application of a low-cost measurement network to study intra-urban temperature differences during summer 2018 in Bern, Switzerland. Urban climate, 37, p. 100817. Elsevier 10.1016/j.uclim.2021.100817

Meyer, Lukas; Gubler, Moritz; Meier, Fred; Brönnimann, Stefan (2021). Intercomparison and combination of low-cost urban air temperature measurement approaches. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 31(2), pp. 131-148. Borntraeger 10.1127/metz/2021/1107

Brügger, Adrian; Gubler, Moritz; Steentjes, Katharine; Capstick, Stuart B. (2020). Social Identity and Risk Perception Explain Participation in the Swiss Youth Climate Strikes. Sustainability, 12(24), pp. 1-17. MDPI 10.3390/su122410605

Gubler, Moritz Raffael; Brügger, Adrian; Eyer, Marc (2019). Adolescents’ Perceptions of the Psychological Distance to Climate Change, Its Relevance for Building Concern About It, and the Potential for Education. In: Leal Filho, Walter; Hemstock, Sarah L. (eds.) Climate Change and the Role of Education. Climate Change Management (pp. 129-147). Cham: Springer 10.1007/978-3-030-32898-6_8

Gubler, Moritz Raffael; Henne, Paul D.; Schwörer, Christoph; Boltshauser-Kaltenrieder, Petra; Lotter, André Franz; Brönnimann, Stefan; Tinner, Willy (2018). Microclimatic gradients provide evidence for a glacial refugium for temperate trees in a sheltered hilly landscape of Northern Italy. Journal of biogeography, 45(11), pp. 2564-2575. Blackwell Scientific Publications 10.1111/jbi.13426

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