Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea

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Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2017). Manchu-Mongolian Controversies over Judicial Competence and the Formation of the Lifanyuan. In: Schorkowitz, Dittmar; Ning, Chia (eds.) Managing Frontiers in Qing China. The Lifanyuan and Libu Revisited. Brill's Inner Asian Library: Vol. 35 (pp. 224-253). Leiden, Boston: Brill

Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2017). Globalisation or Isolation: Regulating Mobility of Mongols during the Qing Period (1636-1911). In: Stolpe, Ines; Nordby, Judith; Gonzales, Ulrike (eds.) Mongolian Responses to Globalisation Processes. Bonner Asienstudien: Vol. 13 (pp. 21-43). Berlin: EBVerlag

Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2017). ‘When the Foreign Enemy Becomes a Dear Friend’: Reflections on the Mission of Boro Balγasu in the Works of Kesigbatu (1849-1917). Inner Asia, 19(1), pp. 29-63. Brill 10.1163/22105018-12340078


Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2016). Negotiating Modalities of Succession: The Interplay between Different Legal Spheres in Eighteenth-Century Mongolia. Buddhism, Law & Society, 1, pp. 165-194. William S. Hein & Co., Inc., HeinOnline

Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2016). Mongolian Voices of Discontent in Lifanyuan Records of the early Qing-period. In: Reckel, Johannes (ed.) Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research. Göttinger Bibliotheksschriften: Vol. 39 (pp. 111-120). Göttingen: Universitätsverlag Göttingen


Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2015). Cong geren guanxi dao jigou jianshe: Lifanyuan, liwu jiaohuan he manmeng guanxi de guifanhua. Zhongguo bianjiang minzu yanjiu = Studies of China's Frontier Regions and Nationalities, 9, pp. 271-291. Zhongyang minzu daxue chubanshe


Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2014). From Personal Network to Institution Building: The Lifanyuan and the Formalization of Manchu-Mongol Relations. History and Anthropology, 25(5), pp. 648-669. Routledge 10.1080/02757206.2014.946022

Heuschert-Laage, Dorothea (2014). The Lifanyuan and the Six Boards in the First Years of the Qing Dynasty: Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities. In: Manmeng dang'an yu Menggu shi yanjiu (pp. 1-18). Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe

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