Hobbs, Monique

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de Haller, Antoine; Hobbs, Monique; Spangenberg, Jorge E. (2016). Adapting the diffusive exchange method for stable isotope analysis of pore water to brine-saturated rocks. Chemical geology, 444, pp. 37-48. Elsevier 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2016.09.033


Stotler, R.L.; Frape, S.K.; Ruskeeniemi, T.; Ahonen, L.; Onstott, T.C.; Hobbs, Monique Y. (2009). Hydrogeochemistry of groundwaters in and below the base of thick permafrost at Lupin, Nunavut, Canada. Journal of hydrology, 373(1-2), pp. 80-95. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2009.04.013


Cavé, L.; Tarantola, Alexandre; Hobbs, Monique (2007). Analytical TEM Investigation of Paleoredox Indicators in the Lac du Bonnet Granite. In: 60th Annual Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) and 8th Joint Canadian National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-CNC) Groundwater Specialty Conference. Ottawa. October 21-24.

Jensen, M.; Hobbs, Monique; Lam, T.; Luhowy, D.; McLay, J.; Semec, B.; Vorauer, A. (2007). Overview of Ontario Power Generation's Proposed L&ILW Deep Geologic Repository Bruce Site, Tiverton, Ontario. In: Proceedings of the 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 8th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference. Ottawa. 21.-24.10.2007.

Stotler, R; Frape, S.K.; Ruskeeniemi, T.; Hobbs, Monique; Pratt, L. (2007). Post-genetic Fractionation of d13C and d2H in Methane in Permafrost Environments due to Methane-Hydrate Formation (Unpublished). In: 7th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry. Stellenbosch, South Africa. September 10 to 14th.

Cavé, L.; Xiang, Y.; Tarantola, Alexandre; Vilks, P.; Hobbs, Monique (2007). X-ray Radiography: A New Technique for Measuring Diffusion Coefficients in Rock Samples. Proceedings of the 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 8th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference, October 21 to, 24, pp. 653-660.

Shouakar-Stash, O.; Frape, S.K.; Hobbs, Monique; Kennell, L. (2007). Origin and Evolution of Waters from Paleozoic Formations, Southern Ontario: Additional Evidence from d37Cl and d81Br Isotopic Signatures. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction. Kunming, China. August 13-18th.


Zhang, M.; Hobbs, Monique; Frape, S.K.; Nordstrom, D.K.; Ball, J.W.; McCleskey, R.B. (2004). Stable chlorine isotopic composition of geothermal waters from Yellowstone National Park. In: 11th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interactions (WRI-11). Saratoga Springs, New York. 27.06.-2.07.2004.


Hobbs, M.; Reardon, E.J. (1999). Effect of pH on boron coprecipitation by calcite: further evidence for nonequilibrium partitioning of trace elements. Geochimica et cosmochimica acta, 63(7-8), pp. 1013-1021. Elsevier Science 10.1016/S0016-7037(98)00311-1


Reardon, Eric J.; Warren, C. James; Hobbs, Monique (1993). Reduction of trace element concentrations in alkaline waste porewaters by dedolomitization. Environmental science & technology, 27(2), pp. 310-315. ACS Publications 10.1021/es00039a011

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