Joho, Tobias

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Joho, Tobias (2022). Style and Necessity in Thucydides. Oxford University Press


Joho, Tobias (2021). The Peloponnesian War and the State of Nature in Thucydides: The Coincidence of Motion and Rest. Histos : the electronic journal of ancient historiography at the University of Durham, 12, pp. 17-45. Durham


Joho, Tobias (2020). Alcibiadean Mysteries and Longing for "Absent" and "Invisible Things" in Thucydides' Account of the Sicilian Expedition. Harvard studies in classical philology, 110, pp. 115-158. Harvard University. Department of the Classics

Joho, Tobias (2020). Burckhardt and Nietzsche on the Agōn: the dark luster of ancient Greece. In: Reid, Heather L.; Serrati, John; Sorg, Tim (eds.) Conflict and Competition: Agon in Western Greece. Selected Essays from the 2019 Symposium on the Heritage of Western Greece. The Heritage of Western Greece: Vol. 5 (pp. 267-288). Sioux City IA: Parnassos Press 10.2307/j.ctv15tt78p.21


Joho, Tobias (2019). Iterative Figures of Speech in Goethe’s Elective Affinities. In: Eidt, Jacob-Ivan; Weber, Christoph-Daniel (eds.) Goethe’s Bildung: Dialog between Tradition and Innovation (pp. 109-142). New York: Peter Lang


Joho, Tobias (2018). Rezension von Kopp, H. Das Meer als Versprechen: Bedeutung und Funktion von Seeherrschaft bei Thukydides. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, 2017. Bryn Mawr classical review, 2018(04/08) Bryn Mawr College


Joho, Tobias (2017). The Revival of the Funeral Oration and the Plague in Thucydides Books 6-7. Greek, roman and byzantine studies, 57(1), pp. 16-48. Duke University

Joho, Tobias (2017). The Internal Commotion of Greek Culture: Jacob Burckhardt and the Defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War. Ktèma, 42, pp. 127-150. Presses universitaires de Strasbourg

Joho, Tobias (2017). Thucydides, Epic, and Tragedy. In: Balot, R. K.; Forsdyke, S.; Foster, E. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Thucydides (pp. 587-603). Oxford University Press

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