Laabs, Julian

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Laabs, Julian; Baum, Tilman (7 September 2019). Why We Want to Know What They Did: Modellers and the Models Behind Their Models (Unpublished). In: 25th EAA Annual Meeting (Bern, 2019), Beyond Paradigms. Bern. 04-07.09.2019.

Laabs, Julian (6 September 2019). Wealth Consumption and What It Might Tell About Social Organization. A Case Study from the Middle Bronze Age Carpathian Basin (Unpublished). In: 25th EAA Annual Meeting, Beyond Paradigms. Bern. 04-07.09.2019.

Brunner, Mirco; Laabs, Julian; Rutishauser, Susanne Muriel (2019). Grabhügel im Forst bei Bern – Bekanntes neu entdeckt. Archäologie Bern - Jahrbuch des Archäologischen Dienstes des Kantons Bern, 2019, pp. 176-183. Rub Media

Laabs, Julian; Lemmen, Carsten; Hafner, Albert (5 February 2019). Land use dynamics in Neolithic Western Switzerland (Unpublished). In: Digital Archaeology: Quantitative approaches, spatial statistics and socioecological modelling. Bern. 04.-06.02.2019.

Laabs, Julian; Lemmen, Carsten; Hafner, Albert (6 September 2018). Modelling Neolithic Western Switzerland: Demography and Land Use. In: 24th EAA Annual Meeting (Barcelona, 2018) - Reflecting Futures. Barcelona. 5-8.09.2018.

Hafner, Albert; Laabs, Julian (2018). Ressourcennutzung vor 5000 Jahren. Effizient und nachhaltig oder verschwenderisch? (Unpublished). In: RESSOURCEN@Naturforschende Gesellschaft Bern. Bern. 6.11.2018.

Hafner, Albert; Brunner, Mirco; Laabs, Julian (2017). Archaeology of the Alpine Space. Research on the foothills, valley systems and high mountain landscapes. Vita Antiqua, 2017(9), pp. 16-37. Center of paleoethnological researches, Taras Shevchenko Nationional University of Kyiv

Hafner, Albert; Gobet, Erika; Laabs, Julian; Rey, Fabian; Wey, Othmar; Tinner, Willy (3 September 2016). Beyond lake villages. Archaeological excavations and paleoecologal analysis at Lake Burgäschi/Switzerland. (Unpublished). In: European Association of Archaeologists, Annual Meeting 2016. Session: Settling watery landscapes in Europe: archaeology of pile-settlements of Neolithic-Bronze Age. Vilnius University, Lithuania. 3.9.2016.

Laabs, Julian (13 July 2016). Scaling Archaeology? A glimpse on prehistoric settlement research in Neolithic alpine lake shore villages (Unpublished). In: Cities as Complex Systems - Structure, Scaling, and Economics. Hannover. 13.-15.07.2016.

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