Lasi, Davide

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Chumikov, A.E.; Cheptsov, V.S.; Wurz, P.; Lasi, D.; Jost, J.; Managadze, N.G. (2021). Design, characteristics and scientific tasks of the LASMA-LR laser ionization mass spectrometer onboard Luna-25 and Luna-27 space missions. International journal of mass spectrometry, 469, p. 116676. Elsevier 10.1016/j.ijms.2021.116676

Föhn, Martina; Galli, André; Vorburger, Audrey; Tulej, Marek; Lasi, Davide; Riedo, Andreas; Fausch, Rico G.; Althaus, Michael; Brüngger, Stefan; Fahrer, Philipp; Gerber, Michael; Lüthi, Matthias; Munz, Hans Peter; Oeschger, Severin; Piazza, Daniele; Wurz, Peter (2021). Description of the Mass Spectrometer for the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer Mission. In: 2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference (pp. 1-14). IEEE 10.1109/AERO50100.2021.9438344


Lasi, Davide; Meyer, Stefan; Piazza, Daniele; Lüthi, Matthias; Nentwig, Andreas; Gruber, Mario; Brüngger, Stefan; Gerber, Michael; Braccini, Saverio; Tulej, Marek; Föhn, Martina; Wurz, Peter (2020). Decisions and Trade-Offs in the Design of a Mass Spectrometer for Jupiter's Icy Moons. In: 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference (pp. 1-20). IEEE 10.1109/aero47225.2020.9172784


Fausch, Rico Georgio; Wurz, Peter; Tulej, Marek; Jost, Jürg; Gubler, Pascal Elias; Gruber, Mario; Lasi, Davide; Zimmermann, Claudio; Gerber, Thomas (2018). Flight electronics of GC-mass spectrometer for investigation of volatiles in the lunar regolith. In: 2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference (pp. 1-13). IEEE 10.1109/AERO.2018.8396788


Lasi, Davide; Tulej, Marek; Meyer, Stefan; Luthi, M.; Galli, André; Piazza, Daniele; Wurz, Peter; Reggiani, D.; Xiao, H.; Marcinkowski, R.; Hajdas, W.; Cervelli, A.; Karlsson, S.; Knight, T.; Grande, M.; Barabash, S. (2017). Shielding an MCP Detector for a Space-Borne Mass Spectrometer Against the Harsh Radiation Environment in Jupiter’s Magnetosphere. IEEE transactions on nuclear science, 64(1), pp. 605-613. Professional Technical Group on Nuclear Science, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE 10.1109/TNS.2016.2614040

Wurz, Peter; Lasi, Davide; Thomas, Nicolas; Piazza, Daniele; Galli, André; Jutzi, Martin; Barabash, S.; Wieser, M.; Magnes, W.; Lammer, H.; Auster, U.; Gurvits, L. I.; Hajdas, W. (2017). An Impacting Descent Probe for Europa and the Other Galilean Moons of Jupiter. Earth, moon, and planets, 120(2), pp. 113-146. Springer 10.1007/s11038-017-9508-7

Lasi, Davide; Tulej, Marek; Neuland, Maike Brigitte; Wurz, Peter; Carzaniga, Tommaso Stefano; Nesteruk, Konrad Pawel; Braccini, Saverio; Elsener, H. R. (2017). Testing the radiation hardness of thick-film resistors for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer at jupiter with 18 MeV protons. Radiation effects data workshop (REDW), pp. 1-9. IEEE 10.1109/nsrec.2017.8115474


Tulej, Marek; Meyer, Stefan; Lüthi, Matthias; Lasi, Davide; Galli, André; Piazza, Daniele; Desorgher, Laurent; Reggiani, D.; Hajdas, W.; Karlsson, S.; Kalla, L.; Wurz, Peter (2016). Experimental investigation of the radiation shielding efficiency of a MCP detector in the radiation environment near Jupiter’s moon Europa. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 383, pp. 21-37. Elsevier 10.1016/j.nimb.2016.06.008


Tulej, Marek; Meyer, Stefan; Luethi, M.; Lasi, Davide; Galli, André; Desorgher, L.; Hajdas, W.; Karlsson, S.; Kalla, L.; Wurz, Peter (2015). Detection efficiency of microchannel plates for e(-) and pi(-) in the momentum range from 17.5 to 345 MeV/c. Review of scientific instruments, 86(8), 083310. American Institute of Physics 10.1063/1.4928063


Gerasimov, M. V.; Sapgir, A. G.; Zaitsev, M. A.; Aseev, S. A.; Vinogradov, I. I.; Szopa, C.; Coll, P.; Cabane, M.; Coscia, D.; Goesmann, F.; Wurz, Peter; Lasi, Davide; Tulej, Marek (March 2014). The Martian Gas-Analytic Package for the Landing Platform Experiments of the ExoMars 2018. In: 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

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