Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean

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Li, Hai; Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean; Greiff, Victor; Yilmaz, Bahtiyar; Schären, Olivier Pascal; Urbaniak, Camilla; Zünd, Mirjam; Lawson, Melissa; Young, Ian D.; Rupp, Sandra; Heikenwälder, Mathias; McCoy, Kathleen; Hapfelmeier, Siegfried; Ganal-Vonarburg, Stephanie C.; Macpherson, Andrew J. (2020). Mucosal or systemic microbiota exposures shape the B cell repertoire. Nature, 584(7820), pp. 274-278. Springer Nature 10.1038/s41586-020-2564-6

Pfister, Simona; Schären, Olivier P.; Beldi, Luca; Printz, Andrea; Notter, Matheus D.; Mukherjee, Mohana; Li, Hai; Limenitakis, Julien P.; Werren, Joel P.; Tandon, Disha; Cuenca Vera, Miguelangel; Hagemann, Stefanie Claudia; Uster, Stephanie S.; Terrazos, Miguel A.; Gomez de Agüero, Mercedes; Schürch, Christian M.; Matos Coelho, Fernanda; Curtiss, Roy; Slack, Emma; Balmer, Maria L.; ... (2020). Uncoupling of invasive bacterial mucosal immunogenicity from pathogenicity. Nature Communications, 11(1), p. 1978. Springer Nature 10.1038/s41467-020-15891-9


Grootjans, Joep; Krupka, Niklas; Hosomi, Shuhei; Matute, Juan D.; Hanley, Thomas; Saveljeva, Svetlana; Gensollen, Thomas; Heijmans, Jarom; Li, Hai; Limenitakis, Julien P.; Ganal-Vonarburg, Stephanie C.; Suo, Shengbao; Luoma, Adrienne M.; Shimodaira, Yosuke; Duan, Jinzhi; Shih, David Q.; Conner, Margaret E.; Glickman, Jonathan N.; Fuhler, Gwenny M.; Palm, Noah W.; ... (2019). Epithelial endoplasmic reticulum stress orchestrates a protective IgA response. Science, 363(6430), pp. 993-998. American Association for the Advancement of Science 10.1126/science.aat7186


Macpherson, Andrew; Yilmaz, Bahtiyar; Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean; Ganal-Vonarburg, Stephanie (2018). IgA Function in Relation to the Intestinal Microbiota. Annual review of immunology, 36, pp. 359-381. Annual Reviews 10.1146/annurev-immunol-042617-053238


Uchimura, Yasuhiro; Wyss, Madeleine; Brugiroux, Sandrine; Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean; Stecher, Bärbel; McCoy, Kathleen; Macpherson, Andrew (2016). Complete Genome Sequences of 12 Species of Stable Defined Moderately Diverse Mouse Microbiota 2. Genome Announcements, 4(5) American Society for Microbiology 10.1128/genomeA.00951-16


Li, Hai; Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean; Ganal, Stephanie; Macpherson, Andrew (2015). Penetrability of the inner mucus layer: who is out there? EMBO reports, 16(2), pp. 127-129. Nature Publishing Group 10.15252/embr.201439943

Li, Hai; Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean; Fuhrer, Tobias; Geuking, Markus; Lawson, Melissa A; Wyss, Madeleine; Brugiroux, Sandrine; Keller, Irene; Macpherson, Jamie A; Rupp, Sandra; Stolp, Bettina; Stein, Jens Volker; Stecher, Bärbel; Sauer, Uwe; McCoy, Kathleen; Macpherson, Andrew (2015). The outer mucus layer hosts a distinct intestinal microbial niche. Nature communications, 6, p. 8292. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/ncomms9292


Limenitakis, Julien Periclis Jean (October 2014). Assembly and curation of a genome-wide metabolic model of a gut commensal bacterial community (Unpublished). In: 2nd International Conference on Systems Biology. Lausanne. 20.10. + 23.10.2014.

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