Mapes, Gwynne Erin

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Mapes, Gwynne Erin; Ross, Andrew S. (2022). Performing status and morality: Normative sustainability in chefs’ Instagram discourse (In Press). Language in society Cambridge University Press


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Mapes, Gwynne Erin (12 December 2017). Rural cosmopolitanism: Performing locality and authenticity in Swiss food discourse (Unpublished). In: City Talk: Urban Identities, Mobilities and Textualities. University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland. 11.-12. Dezember 2017.

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Mapes, Gwynne Erin (9 January 2016). "Oh, and it's got to be cut into four triangles, never in half": The Role of Negation in Bon Appétit’s “Editor’s Letter” (Unpublished). In: Linguistics Society of America Annual Meeting. Washington DC, USA. 07.-10.01.2016.

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