Marti, Michel

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Marti, Michel; Metcalfe, George (2018). Expressivity in chain-based modal logics. Archive for mathematical logic, 57(3-4), pp. 361-380. Springer International 10.1007/s00153-017-0573-4

Marti, Michel; Studer, Thomas (2018). The Proof Theory of Common Knowledge. In: Ditmarsch, Hans van; Sandu, Gabriel (eds.) Jaakko Hintikka on Knowledge and Game-Theoretical Semantics. Outstanding Contributions to Logic: Vol. 12 (pp. 433-455). Cham: Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-319-62864-6_18

Marti, Michel; Studer, Thomas (2018). The Internalized Disjunction Property for Intuitionistic Justification Logic. In: Bezhanishvili, Guram; D'Agostino, Giovanna; Metcalfe, George; Studer, Thomas (eds.) Advances in Modal Logic 12 (pp. 511-529). College Publications


Marti, Michel (2017). Contributions to Intuitionistic Epistemic Logic. (Dissertation, Institute of Computer Science, Philosophisch-naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Universität Bern)


Jäger, Gerhard; Marti, Michel (2016). Intuitionistic common knowledge or belief. Journal of applied logic, 18, pp. 150-163. Elsevier 10.1016/j.jal.2016.04.004

Jäger, Gerhard; Marti, Michel (2016). A canonical model construction for intuitionistic distributed knowledge. In: Beklemishev, Lev; Demri, Stéphane; Máté, András (eds.) Advances in Modal Logic. Advances in Modal Logic 2016: Vol. 11 (pp. 420-434). College Publications

Marti, Michel; Studer, Thomas (2016). Intuitionistic modal logic made explicit. The IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications, 3(5), pp. 877-901. College Publications


Metcalfe, George; Marti, Michel (2014). A Hennessy-Milner Property for Many-Valued Modal Logics. In: Goré, Rajeev; Kooi, Barteld; Kurucz, Agi (eds.) Advances in Modal Logic. Advances in Modal Logic: Vol. 10 (pp. 407-420). London: College Publications

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