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Kunzelmann, Katharina; Meier, Lea; Grieder, Matthias; Morishima, Yosuke; Dierks, Thomas (2018). No effect of transcranial direct current stimulation of the auditory cortex on auditory-evoked potentials. Frontiers in neuroscience, 12(880) Frontiers Research Foundation 10.3389/fnins.2018.00880

Kunzelmann, Katharina; Meier, Lea; Morishima, Yosuke; Dierks, Thomas (31 August 2018). No effect of transcranial direct current stimulation over the auditory cortex on auditory-evoked potentials (Unpublished). In: 48th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience, Neuroscience 2018. San Diego. 3.11.2018-7.11.2018.

Meier, Lea; Federspiel, Andrea; Jann, Kay; Wiest, Roland; Strik, Werner; Dierks, Thomas (2018). Thirst-Dependent Activity of the Insular Cortex Reflects its Emotion-Related Subdivision: A Cerebral Blood Flow Study. Neuroscience, 383, pp. 170-177. Elsevier 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2018.04.022


Meier, Lea (2015). Exploring the emotional brain: Neural correlates of homeostatic and sensory-evoked emotions and their interaction in emotional rivalry. (Dissertation, Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Psychiatrische Neurophysiologie, Medizinische Fakultät)

Meier, Lea; Friedrich, Hergen; Federspiel, Andrea; Jann, Kay; Morishima, Yosuke; Landis, Basile Nicolas; Wiest, Roland; Strik, Werner; Dierks, Thomas (2015). Rivalry of homeostatic and sensory-evoked emotions: dehydration attenuates olfactory disgust and its neural correlates. NeuroImage, 114, pp. 120-127. Elsevier 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.03.048


Meier, Lea; Friedrich, Hergen; Jann, Kay; Landis, Basile Nicolas; Wiest, Roland; Federspiel, Andrea; Strik, Werner; Dierks, Thomas (2013). The disgusted brain: olfactory stimulation in functional MR imaging. Clinical EEG and neuroscience, 44(4), E103-E104. Sage


Liechti, Martina D; Maurizio, Stefano; Heinrich, Hartmut; Jäncke, Lutz; Meier, Lea; Steinhausen, Hans-Christoph; Walitza, Susanne; Drechsler, Renate; Brandeis, Daniel (2012). First clinical trial of tomographic neurofeedback in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: evaluation of voluntary cortical control. Clinical neurophysiology, 123(10), pp. 1989-2005. Amsterdam: Elsevier 10.1016/j.clinph.2012.03.016

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