Melian Penate, Carlos Javier

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Harmon, Luke J.; Andreazzi, Cecilia S.; Débarre, Florence; Drury, Jonathan; Goldberg, Emma E.; de Brito Martins, Ayana; Melian Penate, Carlos Javier; Narwani, Anita; Nuismer, Scott L.; Pennell, Matthew W.; Rudman, Seth M.; Seehausen, Ole; Silvestro, Daniele; Weber, Marjorie; Matthews, Blake (2019). Detecting the Macroevolutionary Signal of Species Interactions. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 32(8), pp. 769-782. Wiley 10.1111/jeb.13477

Dermond, Philip; Mélian, Carlos J.; Brodersen, Jakob (2019). Size-dependent tradeoffs in seasonal freshwater environments facilitate differential salmonid migration. Movement Ecology, 7(1) BioMed Central 10.1186/s40462-019-0185-1

Anaya-Rojas, Jaime M.; Best, Rebecca J.; Brunner, Franziska S.; Eizaguirre, Christophe; Leal, Miguel Costa; Mélian, Carlos J.; Seehausen, Ole; Matthews, Blake (2019). An experimental test of how parasites of predators can influence trophic cascades and ecosystem functioning. Ecology, 100(8) Ecological Society of America 10.1002/ecy.2744


Leprieur, Fabien; Descombes, Patrice; Gaboriau, Théo; Cowman, Peter F.; Parravicini, Valeriano; Kulbicki, Michel; Melian Penate, Carlos Javier; de Santana, Charles N.; Heine, Christian; Mouillot, David; Bellwood, David R.; Pellissier, Loïc (2016). Plate tectonics drive tropical reef biodiversity dynamics. Nature communications, 7(11461), p. 11461. Nature Publishing Group 10.1038/ncomms11461


Melian Penate, Carlos Javier; Křivan, Vlastimil; Altermatt, Florian; Starý, Petr; Pellissier, Loïc; De Leander, Frederik (2015). Dispersal dynamics in food webs. The American naturalist, 185(2), pp. 157-168. University of Chicago Press 10.1086/679505

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De Laender, Frederik; Melian, Carlos J.; Bindler, Richard; Van den Brink, Paul J.; Daam, Michiel; Roussel, Helene; Juselius, Jonas; Verschuren, Dirk; Janssen, Colin R. (2014). The contribution of intra- and interspecific tolerance variability to biodiversity changes along toxicity gradients. Ecology Letters, 17(1), pp. 72-81. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing 10.1111/ele.12210

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Sanz-Aguilar, A; Jovani, R; Melian Penate, Carlos Javier; Pradel, R; Tella, J. L. (2014). Multievent capture-recapture analysis reveals individual foraging specialisation in a generalist species. Ecology, 96(6), pp. 1650-1660. Ecological Society of America 10.1890/14-0437.1

Moya-Laraño, Jordi; Bilbao-Castro, José Román; Barrionuevo, Gabriel; Ruiz-Lupión, Dolores; Casado, Leocadio G.; Montserrat, Marta; Melian Penate, Carlos Javier; Magalhães, Sara (2014). Eco-Evolutionary Spatial Dynamics. Rapid Evolution and Isolation Explain Food Web Persistence. In: Moya-Laraño, Jordi; Rowntree, Jennifer; Woodward, Guy (eds.) Advances in Ecological Research. Advances in Ecological Research: Vol. 50 (pp. 75-143). Elsevier 10.1016/B978-0-12-801374-8.00003-7


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Melian Penate, Carlos Javier; Alonso, David; Allesina, Stefano; Condit, Richard S.; Etienne, Rampal S. (2012). Does Sex Speed Up Evolutionary Rate and Increase Biodiversity? PLoS computational biology, 8(3), e1002414. Public Library of Science 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002414


Davies, T. Jonathan; Allen, Andrew P.; Borda-de-Água, Luís; Regetz, Jim; Melian Penate, Carlos Javier (2011). Neutral biodiversity theory can explain the imbalance of phylogenetic trees but not the tempo of their diversification. Evolution, 65(7), pp. 1841-1850. Wiley 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2011.01265.x

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