Menz, Myles

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Van Klink, Roel; Menz, Myles H. M.; Baur, Hannes; Dosch, Oliver; Kühne, Isabel; Lischer, Lukas; Luka, Henryk; Meyer, Sandro; Szikora, Timea; Unternährer, Debora; Arlettaz, Raphaël; Humbert, Jean-Yves (2019). Larval and phenological traits predict insect community response to mowing regime manipulations. Ecological Applications, 29(4), e01900. Ecological Society of America 10.1002/eap.1900


Luder, Katrin; Knop, Eva; Menz, Myles (2018). Contrasting responses in community structure and phenology of migratory and non- migratory pollinators to urbanization. Diversity and Distributions, 24(7), pp. 919-927. Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/ddi.12735


Miller, BP; Sinclair, EA; Menz, Myles; Elliott, CP; Bunn, E; Commander, LE; Dalziell, E; David, E; Davis, B; Erickson, TE; Golos, P; Krauss, SL; Lewandrowski, L; Mayence, CE; Merino-Martín, L; Merritt, DJ; Nevill, P; Phillips, RD; Ritchie, AL; Ruoss, S; ... (2017). A framework for the practical science necessary to restore sustainable, resilient, and biodiverse ecosystems. Restoration ecology, 25(4), pp. 605-617. Blackwell 10.1111/rec.12475

Odermatt, Jannic; Frommen, JG; Menz, Myles (2017). Consistent behavioural differences between migratory and resident hoverflies. Animal behaviour, 127, pp. 187-195. Elsevier Ltd. 10.1016/j.anbehav.2017.03.015

Bauer, S; Chapman, JW; Reynolds, DR; Alves, JA; Dokter, AM; Menz, Myles; Sapir, N; Ciach, M; Petterson, LB; Kelly, JF; Leijnse, H; Shamoun-Baranes, J (2017). From Agricultural Benefits to Aviation Safety: Realizing the Potential of Continent-Wide Radar Networks. BioScience, 67(10), pp. 912-918. American Institute of Biological Sciences 10.1093/biosci/bix074


Weinstein, Alyssa M.; Davis, Belinda J.; Menz, Myles H. M.; Dixon, Kingsley W.; Phillips, Ryan D. (2016). Behaviour of sexually deceived ichneumonid wasps and its implications for pollination in Cryptostylis (Orchidaceae). Biological journal of the Linnean Society, 119(2), pp. 283-298. Blackwell Publishing 10.1111/bij.12841

David, E; Dixon, KW; Menz, Myles (2016). Cooperative extension: a model of science–practice integration for ecosystem restoration. Trends in Plant Science, 21(5), pp. 410-417. Elsevier Current Trends 10.1016/j.tplants.2016.01.001


Phillips, RD; Peakall, R; Retter, BA; Montgomery, K; Menz, Myles; Davis, BJ; Hayes, C; Brown, GR; Swarts, ND; Dixon, KW (2015). Pollinator rarity as a threat to a plant with a specialized pollination system. Botanical journal of the Linnean Society, 179(3), pp. 511-525. Oxford University Press 10.1111/boj.12336

Menz, Myles; Brown, GR; Dixon, KW; Phillips, RD (2015). Absence of nectar resource partitioning in a community of parasitoid wasps. Journal of insect conservation, 19(4), pp. 703-711. Chapman & Hall 10.1007/s10841-015-9793-2


Menz, Myles H.M.; Brotons, Lluis; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2009). Habitat selection by Ortolan Buntings Emberiza hortulana in post-fire succession in Catalonia: implications for the conservation of farmland populations. Ibis, 151(4), pp. 752-761. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell 10.1111/j.1474-919X.2009.00961.x

Menz, Myles H.M.; Mosimann-Kampe, Paul; Arlettaz, Raphaël (2009). Foraging habitat selection in the last Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulana population in Switzerland: final lessons before extinction. Ardea, 97(3), pp. 323-333. Leiden: Brill 10.5253/078.097.0308

Reichlin, Thomas S.; Schaub, Michael; Menz, Myles H.M.; Mermod, Murielle; Portner, Patricia; Arlettaz, Raphaël; Jenni, Lukas (2009). Migration patterns of Hoopoe Upupa epops and Wryneck Jynx torquilla: an analysis of European ring recoveries. Journal für Ornithologie, 150(2), pp. 393-400. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 10.1007/s10336-008-0361-3

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