Mooser, Sandra

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Mooser, Sandra (2016). Inspired by Nollywood: Migrant Filmmaking in Switzerland. In: Drummond, Phillip (ed.) Visions of Identity - Global Film & Media. The London Film & Media Reader: Vol. 4 (pp. 220-229). London: The London Symposium (Academic Conferences London Ltd)

Mooser, Sandra (20 July 2016). Paradise In My Mind. (film screening and discussion) (Unpublished). In: 14th EASA Biennial Conference. Mailand, Italien. 20.-23.07.2016.

Mooser, Sandra (2016). Photo Essay: “It’s gonna be me there in the picture”. An attempt to understand audio-visual forms of self-representation by African migrants in Switzerland. Tsantsa(21), pp. 155-165. Seismo

Mooser, Sandra (2016). Migrant Film-making in Switzerland. In: Drummond, Phillip; Leng, Dorothy (eds.) The London Film & Media Reader 4. Essays from FILM & MEDIA (pp. 220-229). London: The London Symposium & Academic Conferences London Ltd


Mooser, Sandra (27 November 2015). Sound? - Ready! (Unpublished)

Mooser, Sandra (13 July 2015). Finding a voice - Nollywood inspired filmmaking practices in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: IAMCR 2015. UQAM Montréal, Canada. 12.-16.07.2015.


Mooser, Sandra (17 October 2014). Nollywood inspires Switzerland – Audio-Visual Forms of Self-Representation by African Migrants (Unpublished). In: Swiss Researching Africa Days. Universität Bern. 17.-18.10.2014.

Mooser, Sandra (1 October 2014). Medienanthropologische Forschung in Aktion – ein von Nollywood inspiriertes Filmprojekt in der Schweiz (Unpublished). In: Forschungskolloquium, Ethnologisches Seminar. Universität Luzern. 01.10.2014.

Mooser, Sandra (27 June 2014). Inspired by Nollywood. Migrant Filmmaking in Switzerland (Unpublished). In: The 4th Annual London Film and Media Conference “Visions of Identity: Global Film & Media”. Academic Conferences London. 26.-28.06.2014.


Mooser, Sandra (5 March 2013). Nollywood made in Switzerland. Audiovisuelle Selbstrepräsentationen afrikanischer Migrantinnen und Migranten in einem transnationalen Kontext (Unpublished). In: Institutskolloquium, Institute of Social Anthropology. Universität Bern. 5.3.2013.

Mooser, Sandra (18 January 2013). Nollywood in Switzerland. Audiovisuelle Selbst-Repräsentationen afrikanischer Migrantinnen und Migrantinnen (Unpublished). In: 5th Annual Exchange Meeting „Visual Methods in Research“. Pädagogische Hochschule Bern. 18.1.2013.

Mooser, Sandra (2013). Nollywood in Switzerland. A look at the transnational dimensions of Nollywood-inspired filmmaking. Tsantsa, 18, pp. 34-44. Seismo


Mooser, Sandra (2011). Nollywood meets Switzerland. Nigerianische Videofilme und ihr Publikum in der Schweiz. Arbeitsblätter des Instituts für Sozialanthropologie: Vol. 54. Bern: Institut für Sozialanthropologie der Universität Bern

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