Mugler, Johanna

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Journal Article

Mugler, Johanna (2019). Regulatory Capture? Fiscal Anthropological Insights into the Heart of Contemporary Statehood. The journal of legal pluralism and unofficial law, 50(3), pp. 379-395. Routledge 10.1080/07329113.2018.1557434

Mugler, Johanna (2005). To Live and Move in Safety: Fear of Crime, Crime and the Social Consequences of Spatial Security Strategies. Postamble, 1(2) University of Cape Town

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Mugler, Johanna; Schwaller, Corinne Nicole (2019). Visionen bedeuten Hoffnung in einer Zukunft ohne Arbeit. Uniaktuell. Das Online-Magazin der Universität Bern, 2019 Abteilung Kommunikation der Universität Bern

Mugler, Johanna (14 June 2010). Auch Gewalt liegt im Auge des Betrachters. Die Welt

Book Section

Mugler, Johanna; Eckert, Julia; Stahlmann, Friederike (2021). Analyse von Handlungskontexten: Kontextanalyse aus (rechts-)ethnologischer Perspektive (In Press). In: Kötter, M.; Deppe, J.; Trappe, J.; Schneider, T.; Röder, T. (eds.) Handbuch zur deutschen Rechtstaatsförderung. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer Verlag

Mugler, Johanna; Johansson, M. S.; Smith, R. (2021). Advancing an Anthropology of Tax: Genealogies, Landscapes, and Futures. (Submitted). In: Anthropologies of Taxation. Ethnographies of Fiscal Relations. Cambridge University Press

Mugler, Johanna (2015). By Their Own Account: (Quantitative) Accountability, Numerical Reflexivity, and the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa. In: Rottenburg, Richard; Engle Merry, Sally; Park, Sung-Joon; Mugler, Johanna (eds.) The World of Indicators. The Making of Governmental Knowledge through Quantification. Cambridge Studies in Law and Society (pp. 76-101). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 10.1017/CBO9781316091265.004


Mugler, Johanna (2019). Measuring Justice. Quantitative Accountability and the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa. Cambridge Studies in Law and Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 10.1017/9781108566254

Rottenburg, Richard; Merry Engle, Sally; Park, Sung-Joon; Mugler, Johanna (eds.) (2015). The World of Indicators. The Making of Governmental Knowledge through Quantification. Cambridge Studies in Law and Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 10.1017/CBO9781316091265


Mugler, Johanna (2019). From Access to Justice to the Price of Justice. IMPRS-REMEP Report 2019 Halle/Saale: Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

Conference or Workshop Item

Mugler, Johanna (8 September 2021). Demanding a different share: multiple and evolving fiscal spaces in international tax. (Unpublished). In: Against structural postponement On the legitimacy and possibilities of new institutions of sharing. Schloss Münchenwiler, Murten. 5–8 September 2021.

Mugler, Johanna (2021). The political economy of domestic resource mobilization in Africa: structural privileges and priority rights in international tax law. (Unpublished). In: Taxpayer Rights, Human Rights: Issues for Developing Countries, 5th International Conference on Taxpayers Rights. Athens, Greece (Online Only). 27 – 28 May 2021.

Mugler, Johanna (2020). With whom we share what: on changing perceptions and obligations of redistribution. (Unpublished). In: Wenner-Gren Anthropology of Tax Workshop. Buxton, Derbyshire. 12-15 August 2020.

Mugler, Johanna (2020). "But it is legal”: on the determinants of national corporate tax cultures (Unpublished). In: Global Business Anthropology Summit. Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin. 17-19 June 2020.

Mugler, Johanna (2020). Business as Usual. Studying with Ethnographic Methods the Worlds of International Tax Professionals (Unpublished). In: Workshop: Business as usual? Anthropology and the study of ‘unusual’ subjects. University of Vienna. 14-15 May 2020.

Mugler, Johanna (2020). Anthropology of Taxation. Historical and Comparative Perspectives. (Unpublished). In: Workshop: an Anthropology of Tax. Stockholm. 26–30 April 2020.

Mugler, Johanna (1 October 2019). Internationale Steuerrechtstechnokraten nicht mehr unter sich. Anthropologische Perspektiven auf die Macht und Ohnmacht des nicht-politischen Verhandlungsvakuums (Unpublished). In: Tagung der deutschenDGSKA (Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie) “Das Ende der Aushandlungen?”. Universität Konstanz. 29.09. - 02.10.2019.

Mugler, Johanna (October 2019). Tax me if you can: the dematerialisation of property and corporate income tax. (Unpublished). In: An Anthropology of Tax workshop. Stockholm. 27–30 October 2019.

Mugler, Johanna (17 September 2019). Performance of International Criminal Justice (Unpublished). In: Nuremberg Benchmarks: Performance of International Criminal Justice. The Hague. 17.09.2019.

Mugler, Johanna (21 March 2019). What’s wrong with paying taxes voluntarily? (Unpublished). In: Springtime in Amsterdam. Peter Sloterdijk and others on voluntary taxation in a globalised world. The Center for Tax Law, University of Amsterdam.. 21.03.2019.

Mugler, Johanna (February 2015). The emergence of global tax payers: the (re-)making of international business tax law (Unpublished). In: IASH Winter school “TransForming Capital”. Schloss Münchenwiler, Switzerland. 05.02.-11.02.2015.

Mugler, Johanna (December 2014). No fear of numbers. No chasing or cheating. No number games. Prosecutors at work with performance measurement systems in the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in South Africa. (Unpublished). In: African Courts: Actors, Institutional Developments and Governance. LASDEL Niamey, Niger. 04.12.-09.12.2014.

Mugler, Johanna; Budniok, Jan; Göpfert, Mirko (1 August 2014). Collaboration in criminal justice: actors, processes and translations (Unpublished). In: Biennial conference of EASA, European Association of Social Anthropologists. Tallinn, Estonia. 30.07.-03.08.2014.

Mugler, Johanna (February 2013). Travelling models of audit societies. Differing attitudes towards performance measurement. The National Prosecution Authority at work in South Africa (Unpublished). In: How to put models into practice? African perspectives on technologies of ordering in legal, organisational and medical contexts. Halle/Saale. 08.02.-09.02.2013.


Mugler, Johanna; Jud, Rahel (August 2020). Neue Formen der Online-Kommunikation: zu welchem Preis? Gedanken zur Sicherheitslücken und Umgang mit Datenschutz bei ZOOM. In: Anthroblog. Bern: Institut für Sozialanthropologie

Mugler, Johanna (February 2018). The empty chairs - on the tedious constraints of trans-local research. In: Anthroblog. Bern: Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Universität Bern

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