Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida

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Journal Article

Ohm, Britta (2013). The Ethnographic Moment: Event and Debate in Mediatized Fieldwork. Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, 9(3), pp. 71-97. Communication and Media Research Institute of the University of Westminster

Ohm, Britta (2013). Adrian Athique, Indian Media (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2012). South Asia, 36(2), pp. 312-314. Routledge 10.1080/00856401.2013.787916

Ohm, Britta (2013). Meltem Ahiska, Occidentalism in Turkey: Questions of Modernity and National Identity in Turkish Broadcasting (London and New York: I.B. Tauris Publishers, 2010). - pp. 271. International Journal of Turkish Studies, 19(1&2), pp. 217-220. University of Wisconsin at Madison

Ohm, Britta (2011). The Secularism of the State and the Secularism of Consumption: 'Honesty', 'Treason' and the Dynamics of Religious Visibility on Television in India and Turkey. European journal of cultural studies, 14(6), pp. 664-684. London: Sage Publications 10.1177/1367549411419979

Newspaper or Magazine Article

Ohm, Britta (9 May 2019). Debate: Why the Indian Elections are more about Narendra Modi than anything else. The conversation The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited

Ohm, Britta (22 July 2013). A public for democracy: overcoming mediated segregation in Turkey. Open Democracy OpenDemocracy

Book Section

Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida (2018). Live-Reporting and Democracy: The Non-Publishable Crime of the Televised anti-Muslim Violence in Gujarat 2002. In: Khan, Amir Ullah; Akhtar, Abdul Azim (eds.) Vision 2025. Socio Economic Inequalities : Why does India's economic growth need an inclusive agenda? New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies

Ohm, Britta (2010). Forgetting to Remember: The Privatisation of the Public, the Economisation of Hindutva, and the Medialisation of Genocide. In: Banaji, Shakuntala (ed.) South Asian Media Cultures: Audiences, Representations, Context. Anthem South Asian Studies (pp. 123-144). London: Anthem Press


Ohm, Britta (2011). The Televised Community: Culture, Politics and the Market of Visual Representation in India. Frankfurt: Europa-Universiät Viadrina

Conference or Workshop Item

Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida (27 November 2019). Entertaining Hindutva: Competition, Privatization and Violence in Indian Soap Operas since 2000 (Unpublished). In: Colloquium of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. University of Tübingen. 27.11.2019.

Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida (2 April 2019). Lasting Beginnings of 'Fake News': The Televised 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat, India (Unpublished). In: Presentation / Lunch lecture at International Institute for Asian Studies. Leiden, Netherlands. 02.04.2019.

Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida (26 March 2019). On a bumpy road: Female reporters covering elections (Unpublished). In: International seminar : Media as the battleground for politics: Indian elections 2019. Brussels Center for Journalism Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium. 26.03.2019.

Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida (27 March 2018). Hindu-nationalism and Kemalism: Continuities, Differences and Convergences in Mediatizing Religious Majoritarianism in India and Turkey. In: Talk at Jindal School of Journalism and Communication. Sonipat/Haryana (India). 27.03.2018.

Ohm, Britta Lucia Ida (2012). The Creation of an Anti-Democratic Public through Democratic Media Criticism: the Case of the Gujarat Pogrom 2002 (Unpublished). In: Tagung: Creating publics, creating democracies. University of Westminster, London. 28.6.2012.

Ohm, Britta (2011). Honesty and Treason: The Inversions of Secularism and Religion on Commercialising Television in India and Turkey; interdisziplinäre Vortragsreihe (Prof. David Herbert) Religions and Modernities: Encounters and Mediations from Europe to South East Asia, Universität Agder, Kristiansand/Norwegen, 7.9.2011.

Ohm, Britta (2011). Commercial Neutrality and Journalist Objectivity: The Naturalisation of Hindutva and the Precarious State of Democratic Secular TV Reporting in post-Gujarat India; internationale Konferenz The Changing Face of Journalism in India, India Media Centre, University of Westminster, London/UK, 12.9.2011.

Ohm, Britta (2011). Globalisierung und transnationale Medienkonzerne; Gastvorlesung in der Thematischen Vorlesung (Prof. Julia Eckert) Anthropologie des Transnationalismus und des Staates, Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Universität Bern, 12.10.2011.

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