Oxby, Clare

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Oxby, Clare (2020). Born into Bondage? Iklan Lives along the Rural-Urban continuum (Tuareg, Sahel). Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage, pp. 1-33. Routledge. Taylor and Francis Group 10.1080/21619441.2020.1833522


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Oxby, Clare (2012). Touareg and 'sub-Saharan' migrants at the southern borders of the Arab Spring. A view from Tamanrasset, Algeria (Unpublished). In: The Arab Spring and Beyond: Human Mobility, Forced Migration and Institutional Responses. Refugee Studies Centre, International Migration Institute and Oxford Diasporas Programme. 20.03.2012.

Oxby, Clare (2012). Relatedness – use versus abuse. A re-exploration of Tuareg kinship notions and practices (C. Niger, S. Algeria and cross border migrants) (Unpublished). In: African Studies Association UK (ASAUK) Biennial Conference 2012. University of Leeds. 6-8 september 2012.


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Oxby, Clare (2011). Will the 2010 'Code Pastoral' Help Herders in Central Niger? Land Rights and Land Use Strategies in the Grasslands of Abalak and Dakoro Departments. Nomadic peoples, 15(2), pp. 53-81. Montréal: Commission on Nomadic Peoples 10.3167/np.2011.150205


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