Panizzon, Marion

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Panizzon, Marion (25 February 2021). Bildungschancen in der COVID-19 Pandemie. Blogpost Plattform Agenda 2030

Panizzon, Marion (2 February 2021). COVID-19 was a big test for UN migration initiatives. Did they succeed? Open Democracy OpenDemocracy


Panizzon, Marion (27 November 2020). Armut, Arbeitslosigkeit und Hunger: Folgekrisen der Corona-Pandemie. Plattform Agenda 2030 - Aktualität

Panizzon, Marion; Singh, Harjodh (2020). Upping the Ante: The Movement of Natural Persons (Mode 4) and Non-Services Migration in EU and Asian PTAs. In: Hoffmann, Rhea Tamara; Krajewski, Markus (eds.) Coherence and Divergence in Services Trade Law. European Yearbook of International Economic Law / Special Issue (pp. 139-168). Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing 10.1007/978-3-030-46955-9_7


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Panizzon, Marion (23 February 2017). Paradigmenwechsel im Umgang mit der Migration = Paradigm Shift in Governing the Migration Crisis. uniaktuell Universität Bern

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