Payne, Annick Daniela

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Payne, Annick Daniela; Lippke, Florian (March 2023). Verschiedene Gottheiten, gemeinsame Kultur. Neohethitische Religion. Antike Welt - Zeitschrift für Archäologie und Kulturgeschichte, 23(2), pp. 19-23. Philipp von Zabern

Payne, Annick Daniela; Lippke, Florian (March 2023). Neohethitische Sprachdenkmäler. Hieroglypheninschriften und alphabetische Texte. Antike Welt - Zeitschrift für Archäologie und Kulturgeschichte, 23(2), pp. 24-28. Philipp von Zabern

Payne, Annick Daniela; Sasseville, David (2023). Malis: a new Lydian goddess. In: Lafli, E. (ed.) Studies on the history and archaeology of Lydia from the Early Lydian period to Late Antiquity (pp. 77-82). Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté


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Payne, Annick Daniela (13 March 2019). Bread Baking Amongst the Hittites (Unpublished). In: Invited Lecture at University Florence. Florenz. 13.03.2019.

Payne, Annick Daniela (11 March 2019). What did Hesychius of Alexandria know about the Lydian Language? (Unpublished). In: Invited Lecture at Sodalizio Glottologico Milano. Mailand. 11.03.2019.

Payne, Annick Daniela (7 March 2019). Word Separation in Different Writing Systems (Unpublished). In: Invited Lecture at CNR Rome. Rom. 07.03.2019.

Payne, Annick Daniela (5 February 2019). Herodotus & The Lydians (Unpublished). In: Invited Lecture at Ca' Foscari University, Venice. Venedig. 05.02.2019.

Payne, Annick Daniela (31 January 2019). Hieroglyphs from Anatolia (Unpublished). In: Invited Lecture, at SFB Manuskriptkulturen Hamburg.

Payne, Annick Daniela (2019). Waste Not, Want Not: How to Recycle Determinative Signs. Festschrift für Massimo Poetto, pp. 469-483.

Payne, Annick Daniela (2019). Hieroglyphic Inscriptions: Archaeologies of Sacred Space. In: Keil, Wilfried E.; Kiyanrad, Sarah; Theis, Christoffer; Willer, Laura (eds.) Zeichentragende Artefakte im sakralen Raum : zwischen Präsenz und UnSichtbarkeit. Materiale Textkulturen: Vol. 20 (pp. 245-262). De Gruyter 10.1515/9783110619928-011

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Payne, Annick Daniela (10 November 2018). Die Determinativzeichen im Hieroglyphen-Luwischen (Unpublished). In: Wege zur Konfiguration der Zeichen-Phonem-Beziehung, LSS München / Graphematik-Tagung des Akademieprojekts RuneS. LMU München.

Payne, Annick Daniela (13 September 2018). Wort-Trennung in Anatolischen Sprachen & Schriften (Unpublished). In: Schriftkonventionen in pragmatischer Perspektive, Arbeitstagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft. Universität Brüssel. 13.-14. September 2018.

Payne, Annick Daniela (19 June 2018). Lydian Palaeography (Unpublished). In: Conference "Beyond All Boundaries: Anatolia in the 1st Millennium BC". Conference Centre Monte Verità. 17.-22.6.2018.

Payne, Annick Daniela (3 May 2018). Herodot und die Lyder (Unpublished). In: Public Lecture. Gelehrtenschule des Johanneums, Hamburg. 3.5.2018.

Payne, Annick Daniela (2018). Kumulative Habilitation zur Determination in der Anatolischen Hieroglyphenschrift und zum antiken Lydien. (Unpublished). (Habilitation)

Payne, Annick Daniela (2018). Native Religious Traditions From A Lydian Perspective. In: Blakely, S; Collins, B.J.; Tusa, S.; Urquhart, L. (eds.) Proceedings of ‘Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean’, Conference 23-26 June 2016 Palermo (pp. 231-248). Atlanta: Lockwood Press

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Payne, Annick Daniela; Castellano, Lorenzo; d'Alfonso, Lorenzo (2018). Palaeographic Database for the Anatolian Hieroglyphic script 1.0 (In Press). In: Giusfredi, F. (ed.) Formal Representation and the Digital Humanities. Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Payne, Annick Daniela (2018). Carved into Stone: On the Relationship Between Hand-Writing and Cursiv Writing on Stone (Submitted). In: de Voogt, A.; Lehmann, R.G. (eds.) The Idea of Writing: From Scribbles to Master Scribe. unknown

Payne, Annick Daniela (2018). Compound Determinatives (Submitted). In: Johnson, J.C. (ed.) Proceedings of ‘Die Sprache des Bewusstseins und das Bewusstsein von Sprache im Alten Orient’, Berlin 17/11/2014. BBVO


Payne, Annick Daniela (16 February 2017). Word Separation in Lycian Alphabetic Writing (Unpublished). In: Current Research on Lycian International Workshop of the Digital Philological-Etymological Dictionary of the Minor Ancient Anatolian Corpus Languages. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. 16-17 February 2017.

Payne, Annick (2017). Bread Matters: Of Loaves and Stamps. Historische Sprachforschung, 130, pp. 73-89. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH & Co. KG

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Payne, Annick Daniela (2017). The Two Writing Systems of the Hittites. In: Cotticelli-Kurras, P.; Rizza, A. (eds.) Variation within and among writing systems: Concepts and Methods in the Analysis of Ancient Written Documents (pp. 245-250). Wiesbaden: Reichert

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Payne, Annick Daniela (2017). A new Lydian goddess: Malis (Athena) (Unpublished). In: Archaeology and history of Lydia from the early Lydian period to late antiquity (8th century B.C.-6th century A.D.). Colloquia Anatolica et Aegaea Congressus internationales Smyrnenses IX.

Payne, Annick Daniela (2017). Die Lyder (Unpublished). In: Berner Kolloquien zur Antike. Bern. 3/5/17.

Payne, Annick Daniela (2017). Determination in the Anatolian Hieroglyphic Script. News from the Land of the Hittites, 1(1), pp. 101-112. MIM Edizioni

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