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Peter, Frank; Ortega, Rafael (eds.) (2012). Los movimientos islámicos transnacionales y la emergencia de un ‘islam europeo’. Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra

Peter, Frank (2012). Nation, Narration and Islam: Memory and Governmentality in Germany. Current sociology, 60(3), pp. 338-352. London: Sage 10.1177/0011392111426489

Peter, Frank (2012). Muslim ‚Double Talk‘ and the Ways of Sharia in France. In: Meijer, Roel (ed.) The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe (pp. 27-148). London: Hurst

Peter, Frank (2012). L‘ambivalence de l‘ordre républicain et la réforme de l‘Islam en France (Unpublished). In: Konferenz des Haut Conseil Islamique. Alger. 26.-28.3.2012.

Peter, Frank (2012). The politics of research and policy-making on (anti-)racism : Islamophobia (Unpublished). In: Workshop ‚Contemporary configurations of racism and Eurocentrism: debates on academic and political discourses and practices’. Centro de Estudos Sociais, Coimbra. 22.-23.Mai 2012.


Peter, Frank (2011). Die Union des Organisations Islamiques de France und die Tradition der Muslimbrüder im Zeitalter der Integrationspolitik. In: Reetz, Dietrich (ed.) Islam in Europa - Religiöses Leben heute. Ein Portrait ausgewählter islamischer Gruppen und Institutionen (pp. 145-170). Münster New York München Berlin: Waxmann

Peter, Frank (2011). Racism and the Comical, Viadrina Universität/Collegium Polonicum, 13.-14.1.2011, Konferenz "Muslim Traditions in European Secular Public Spheres" 2.

Peter, Frank (2011). Scepticisme et certitudes: Les "musulumans modérés" et "l'Islam laique" en Europe, Konferenz "Anti-racism, (post-)colonialism and political mobilisation in contemporary Europe, CES Lissabon, 19.3.2011.

Peter, Frank (2011). The visual government of Islam, Image, Spectatorship, Islamophobia, Casa Arabe, Cordoba, 13.-15.10.2011, Konferenz "Memory and Image of Islam".

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