Piart, Luisa

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Strasser, Sabine; Piart, Luisa (2018). Intimate Uncertainties: Ethnographic Explorations of Moral Economies Across Europe. Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 27(2), v-xv. Berghahn


Piart, Luisa (November 2016). Adverse Entrepreneurs and Moral Struggles in Istanbul's Garment Industry (Unpublished). In: Conference "Moral Struggles in and around Markets". Institute of Sociology, University of Neuchâtel. 11.-12.11.2016.

Piart, Luisa; Arvidsson, Adam; Deka, Maitrayee (July 2016). Panel "Brands as sites of collaborative over-production" (Unpublished). In: 14th EASA Biennial Conference. Milan. 20.-23.-07.2016.

Loher, David; Piart, Luisa; Schild, Pascale; Strasser, Sabine; Haller, Tobias (2016). On the New Politics of Distribution: A Conversation with James Ferguson. Tsantsa, 21, pp. 166-176. Seismo


Piart, Luisa (November 2015). Waste and Fake Alaturca: Insights on the Global Fashion Industry from Istanbul (Unpublished). In: 2015 Annual Conference of the Swiss Ethnological Society, Panel IV “Dirty Business: Economies of the Used, the Used Up and the Useless” (convenors: Ellen Hertz, Luisa Piart, Alice Sala, Yvan Schulz). Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Berne. 12.-14.11.2015.

Piart, Luisa (May 2015). Dis/entangling Labor Relations and Equivocal Entrepreneurship in Istanbul’s Garment Industry (Unpublished). In: Conference "Regular and Precarious Labour in Modern Industrial Settings". Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle. 06.-09.05.2015.

Piart, Luisa (3 February 2015). “Fast Fashion”, Surplus Production and Waste: Economic Devaluation and Revaluation in Istanbul’s Clothing Industry (Unpublished). In: Vertiefungsvorlesung "Sozialstruktur, Politik und Wirtschaft" (Dr. Olaf Zenker). Freie Universität Berlin.


Piart, Luisa (20 September 2014). Adverse Entrepreneurs and the Moral Economy of Istanbul’s Garment Industry (Unpublished). In: 7th InASEA Congress, Panel "Localising Moralities: Economy, Intimacy and Sociality in Southeast Europe" (chairs Sabine Strasser & Jelena Tosic, discussant Olaf Zenker). Kadir Has University, Istanbul.

Piart, Luisa (1 August 2014). Innovation-cum-precarity in Istanbul’s garment market: new strategies and settings of uncertainty (Unpublished). In: 13th EASA Biennial Conference, Panel "Innovation and continuity in times of uncertainty: bridging perspectives on economic life" (convenors Niko Besnier & Susana Narotzky). Tallinn.

Piart, Luisa (18 July 2014). Waste and Fake Alaturca: Revaluation Practices in Istanbul’s Clothing Industry (Unpublished). In: "Practices of Materiality" 1st Vienna Ethnography Lab. Department of Methods in the Social Sciences, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. University of Vienna.


Piart, Luisa (2013). Transition, Migration, Capitalism: Female Uzbek Shuttle Traders in Istanbul. In: Laruelle, Marlène (ed.) Migration and Social Upheaval as the Face of Globalization in Central Asia. Social Sciences in Asia: Vol. 34 (pp. 333-354). Leiden: Brill


Piart, Luisa (2012). Le lien entre le commerce à la valise et l’industrie de la confection à Istanbul. Anatoli, 3, pp. 23-39. Paris: CNRS Editions


Piart, Luisa (2011). Made in Istanbul. La revue Economia(12), pp. 34-35. CESEM


Piart, Luisa (2010). Des mondes marchands mobiles: les commerçantes à la valise ouzbèkes. In: Laruelle, Marlène (ed.) Dynamiques migratoires et changements sociétaux en Asie Centrale. Sociétés et cultures post-soviétiques en mouvement (pp. 247-271). Paris: Petra


Piart, Luisa (2009). Review: Public Istanbul. Spaces and Spheres of the Urban, edited by Frank Eckardt and Kathrin Wildner. geschichte.transnational: Fachforum zur Geschichte des kulturellen Transfers und der transnationalen Verflechtungen in Europa und der Welt. Global and European Studies Institute (Leipzig)

Piart, Luisa (2009). Les commerçantes ouzbèkes à la valise en partance pour Istanbul. Initiative et changements sociaux. In: Cheikh, Mériam; Peraldi, Michel (eds.) Des femmes sur les routes (pp. 63-87). Casablanca & Paris: Le Fennec & Karthala

Danış, Didem; Piart, Luisa (2009). Ayamama, retour sur un bassin-versant après l’inondation de septembre 2009. Compte-rendu de l’excursion urbaine du 25 novembre 2009. Blog de l'Observatoire Urbain d'Istanbul

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