Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina

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Mai, Tobias; Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Bleek, Katrin; Boye, Susanne; Yuan, Jiayin; Völkel, Antje; Gräwert, Marlies; Cheaib, Zeinab; Eick, Sigrun; Günter, Christina; Lederer, Albena; Lussi, Adrian; Taubert, Andreas (2014). Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(3-sulfopropyl methacrylate) block copolymers for calcium phosphate mineralization and biofilm inhibition. Biomacromolecules, 15(11), pp. 3901-3914. American Chemical Society 10.1021/bm500888q


Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Bossen, Anke; Bachofner, Kai K.; Meier, Christoph; Lussi, Adrian (2013). Optical pen-size reflectometer for monitoring of early dental erosion in native and polished enamels. Journal of biomedical optics, 18(11), p. 117009. SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering 10.1117/1.JBO.18.11.117009

Brevik, S. C.; Lussi, A.; Rakhmatullina, E. (2013). A new optical detection method to assess the erosion inhibition by in vitro salivary pellicle layer. Journal of dentistry, 41(5), pp. 428-435. Elsevier Science 10.1016/j.jdent.2013.02.011

Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Beyeler, Barbara; Lussi, Adrian (2013). Inhibition of enamel erosion by stannous fluoride containing rinsing solutions. Schweizer Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin = Revue mensuelle suisse d'odonto-stomatologie = Rivista mensile svizzera di odontologia e stomatologia, 123(3), pp. 192-198. SSO


Lussi, Adrian; Bossen, Anke; Höschele, Christoph; Beyeler, Barbara; Megert, Brigitte; Meier, Christoph; Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina (2012). Effects of enamel abrasion, salivary pellicle, and measurement angle on the optical assessment of dental erosion. Journal of biomedical optics, 17(9), p. 97009. Bellingham, Wash.: SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering 10.1117/1.JBO.17.9.097009

Pidhatika, Bidhari; Rodenstein, Mathias; Chen, Yin; Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Mühlebach, Andreas; Acikgöz, Canet; Textor, Marcus; Konradi, Rupert (2012). Comparative stability studies of poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline) and poly(ethylene glycol) brush coatings. Biointerphases, 7(1-4), p. 1. New York, N.Y.: American Vacuum Society 10.1007/s13758-011-0001-y


Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Bossen, Anke; Höschele, Christoph; Wang, Xiaojie; Beyeler, Barbara; Meier, Christoph; Lussi, Adrian (2011). Application of the specular and diffuse reflection analysis for in vitro diagnostics of dental erosion: correlation with enamel softening, roughness, and calcium release. Journal of biomedical optics, 16(10), p. 107002. Bellingham, Wash.: SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering 10.1117/1.3631791

Lussi, A; Schlueter, N; Rakhmatullina, E; Ganss, C (2011). Dental erosion--an overview with emphasis on chemical and histopathological aspects. Caries research, 45 Suppl 1, pp. 2-12. Basel: Karger 10.1159/000325915

Gillich, Torben; Benetti, Edmondo M; Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Konradi, Rupert; Li, Wen; Zhang, Afang; Schlüter, A Dieter; Textor, Marcus (2011). Self-assembly of focal point oligo-catechol ethylene glycol dendrons on titanium oxide surfaces: adsorption kinetics, surface characterization, and nonfouling properties. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133(28), pp. 10940-50. Washington, D.C.: American Chemical Society 10.1021/ja202760x


Pidhatika, Bidhari; Möller, Jens; Benetti, Edmondo M; Konradi, Rupert; Rakhmatullina, Ekaterina; Mühlebach, Andreas; Zimmermann, Ralf; Werner, Carsten; Vogel, Viola; Textor, Marcus (2010). The role of the interplay between polymer architecture and bacterial surface properties on the microbial adhesion to polyoxazoline-based ultrathin films. Biomaterials, 31(36), pp. 9462-72. Oxford: Elsevier 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2010.08.033

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