Reber, Ueli

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Reber, Ueli (2019). Overcoming Language Barriers: Assessing the Potential of Machine Translation and Topic Modeling for the Comparative Analysis of Multilingual Text Corpora. Communication methods and measures, 13(2), pp. 102-125. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/19312458.2018.1555798

Adam, Silke; Häussler, Thomas; Schmid-Petri, Hannah; Reber, Ueli (2019). Coalitions and counter-coalitions in online contestation: An analysis of the German and British climate change debate. New media & society, 21(11-12), pp. 2671-2690. Sage 10.1177/1461444819855966


Schmid-Petri, H.; Arlt, D.; Reber, U.; Elgesem, D.; Adam, S.; Häussler, T. (1 November 2018). A dynamic perspective on publics and counterpublics: The role of the blogosphere in pushing the issue of climate change during the 2016 US presidential campaign (Unpublished). In: ECREA 2018 (European Communication Research and Education Association) - " Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation". Lugano, Switzerland. 31.10.-03.11.2018.

Schmid-Petri, Hannah; Adam, Silke; Reber, Ueli; Häussler, Thomas; Maier, Daniel; Miltner, Peter; Pfetsch, Barbara; Waldherr, Annie (2018). Homophily and prestige: An assessment of their relative strength to explain link formation in the online climate change debate. Social networks, 55, pp. 47-54. Elsevier 10.1016/j.socnet.2018.05.001

Adam, Silke; Häussler, Thomas; Schmid-Petri, Hanna; Reber, Ueli (26 May 2018). Political contestation online: Analyzing coalitions and their online strength in the field of climate change (Unpublished). In: 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association - "Communication and the Evolution of Voice". Prague, Czech Republic. 24.05.-28.05.2018.

Maier, Daniel; Waldherr, Annie; Miltner, Peter; Wiedemann, Gregor; Niekler, Andreas; Keinert, Alexa; Pfetsch, Barbara; Heyer, Gerhard; Reber, Ueli; Häussler, Thomas; Schmid-Petri, Hannah; Adam, Silke (2018). Applying LDA topic modeling in communication research: Toward a valid and reliable methodology. Communication methods and measures, 12(2-3), pp. 93-118. Taylor & Francis 10.1080/19312458.2018.1430754


Häussler, Thomas; Adam, Silke; Schmid-Petri, Hannah; Reber, Ueli (2017). How Political Conflict Shapes Online Spaces: A Comparison of Climate Change Hyperlink Networks in the U.S. and Germany. International journal of communication, 11, pp. 3096-3117. USC Annenberg


Häussler, Thomas; Schmid-Petri, Hannah; Adam, Silke; Reber, Ueli; Arlt, Dorothee (2016). The climate of debate: How institutional factors shape legislative discourses on climate change. A comparative framing perspective. Studies in communication sciences, 16(1), pp. 94-102. Elsevier 10.1016/j.scoms.2016.04.002


Adam, Silke; Häussler, Thomas; Schmid-Petri, Hannah; Reber, Ueli (2015). Identifying and analyzing hyperlink issue networks. In: Vowe, Gerhard; Henn, Philipp (eds.) Political Communication in the Online World: Theoretical Approaches and Research Designs. Routledge Research in Political Communication: Vol. 13 (pp. 233-247). New York: Routledge

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